Out of Hundreds of New Releases, These Are the 8 Biggest 'It' Bags of 2022 So Far

From Balenciaga’s Le Cagole to the triumphant return of the City Bag.

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'it' bags of 2022
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In middle school, I thought I would die without a velour Juicy Couture tote bag. I didn't, but I did fall down a flight of stairs and break both my arms at once. The incident was far from glamorous, but I figured I could at least use it for sympathy and to acquire enough get well soon cash to afford the 'It' bag that defined the 2000s. Eventually, I had enough money in my piggy bank to convince my mom to let me buy the bag — once my arms were out of casts, of course — and I think I've spent my entire life chasing the Paris-Hilton-also-owns-this high that came with wearing the hottest bag of the moment.

It feels fitting that now, the bags I grew up admiring on shows like Gossip Girl and on Y2K style icons, like the Olsen sisters and Ms. Hilton herself, are trending right as I can finally afford them — no broken body parts or sympathy cash needed (thankfully). The hottest 'It' bags are, for the most part, almost entirely inspired by the trends of the early aughts. From the Balenciaga City Bag's return to grace to a YSL bag so large it could fit at least two City Bags in it, here are some of the biggest bag trends of the year so far.

Balenciaga Le Cagole Small Leather Shoulder Bag

'It' bag

While walking in Brooklyn the other day, I looked up and saw a 5-foot mural of a pink Balenciaga Le Cagole bag painted on Kim Kardashian's arm, on the side of a warehouse. And then, like clockwork, a girl walked out of an apartment building next door with a bright green one on her arm. Minutes later, I opened up Instagram and saw Dua Lipa posing with the medium Le Cagole and a pair of the nearly sold-out matching Le Caogle boots.

Needless to say, the bag is inescapable. The brand's modern take on the famous City Bag is on its way to being just as famed as the original, and — aside from Dua Lipa and every other girl you probably follow on Instagram — has already been seen on the likes of Alexa Demie and Kendall Jenner. Clearly, creative director Demna Gvasalia really knew what he was doing when he added the heart-shaped mirror charm, which is available for purchase on its own for over $2,000 less than the bag itself. Le Cagole is without a doubt the 'It' bag. Now, all we need is for Mary-Kate or Ashley to wear one, and it'll be like 2001 all over again.

Shop now: $2,700; nordstrom.com

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Balenciaga City Bag

'It' bag

While seeing the Olsen twins in the Le Cagole would feel very full circle, it also wouldn't feel entirely them. The twins are part of the reason the City Bag skyrocketed to popularity back in the early 2000s, and their ability to wear a bag to death only added to its appeal. The City Bag was basically made to be thrown on a city sidewalk (something Ashley Olsen has even done with a $39,000 The Row backpack) and looks more endearing with every new scuff. There's nothing more Olsen-like than an oversized, worn-in, logoless bag, and they continued to wear the bag far past its peak popularity.

Now popular resale site Rebag says "Balenciaga City" is among its most-searched terms this year, which makes sense given the bag's size and the fact that people finally need a true capital-B Big Bag to travel with. Plus, it has a just as bitchy, but less cutesy version of the tiny mirror the Le Cagole has. Rebag has some of the best secondhand, worn-in to perfection (in true Olsen twin fashion) Balenciaga city bags on the resale market — some for under $750. But if you prefer a newer look and have the budget, there's also the Balenciaga Neo Classic City — which is a more structured take on the OG — although I'd still recommend tossing it around in true City bag spirit.

Shop now: $740; rebag.com

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Luar Ana Mini Smooth Leather Bag

'It' bag

Luar's Dua Lipa-approved 'It' Bag is by far the most affordable option on this list, with a price point miraculously under $250. It famously sold out in just 2.5 hours after its launch last September and was pretty impossible to find in the months that followed. If you've been eyeing the Ana, now is your chance to buy since Nordstrom recently restocked it in four different colors, from an iridescent version to a white croc-embossed take.

Brooklyn-raised Raul Lopez wanted the bag, and his brand, to be the opposite of exclusionary, and he's done exactly that. The Ana is for everyone who wants a trendy bag that's just as likely to be spotted at the front row of fashion shows as the Le Cagole — but for $2,465 less.

Shop now: $235; nordstrom.com

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Burberry Small Lola Check Quilted Leather Bag

'It' bag

For 10 days in May, New York's buzziest downtown restaurant, Lucien, had a Burberry logo-adornedcheck awning, chairs reupholstered in the brand's signature print, and even ice cubes branded with the unmistakable Burberry "B". The launch party started with a dinner with guests like Devon Lee Carlson, Dixie D'Amelio, and Camila Morrone, who all wore the brand's Lola quilted leather bag tossed over their shoulders. The bag also made waves on TikTok earlier this year, playing a key role in a marital drama that unfolded between two adorable animal figurines on the popular SylvanianDrama account.

With a chain strap and a Thomas Burberry monogram clasp, the Lola is a timeless bag that comes in various shapes — from a large bucket to a more compact camera bag — and fabrics like denim and cashmere. While the latest campaign features models like Bella Hadid, Lourdes Leon, and Lori Harvey wearing the bag while riding faux mechanic horses, Irina Shayk has proven it works just as well for a stroll in the city, probably on the way to Lucien.

Shop now: $1,350; nordstrom.com

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Coperi Mini Swipe Leather Bag

'It' bag

Back in April, a bag that looked like it could shatter at any given second broke the internet. Coperni worked with a Brooklyn-based glassware company to create an entirely glass version of its popular Swipe bag, which (to be fair) broke the internet far earlier, without ever raising concerns about its own durability. Doja Cat has yet to wear the less controversial non-glass version, which feels right.

The emerging brand has been worn by everyone from Rihanna to Rosalía, and the Swipe bag has been seen on Dua Lipa, Lori Harvey, and Alexa Demie. While not as attainable as Luar's price point, the Swipe bag's starting price is $390, which is still relatively low for an accessory every Hollywood 'It' girl seems to own. The signature shape is meant to look like the swipe symbol used to unlock your phone, and it's definitely far easier on the eyes than our screens.

Shop now: $530; nordstrom.com

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YSL ICare Maxi Shopping Bag

'It' bag

When I first saw the YSL ICare maxi shopping bag, I mistook it for a big bag club meme. The Instagram account is known for photoshopping designer bags to supersize proportions, but they wouldn't have had to use a single tool for YSL's latest and largest launch.

The ICare maxi shopping bag is a 15-by-16-inch quilted leather tote large enough to fit two Balenciaga city bags inside of it. There are two panels that flip out of the side if you want even more space or a change of shape. Zoë Kravitz, Laura Harrier, and Hailey Bieber have all been spotted wearing it, and now the bag's out of stock on Sak's — even with its near-5k price tag. Sure, these celebs were probably gifted their bags, and their street style shots easily look as though they could be an off-duty campaign, but they make the case for a bag so big we could carry our whole lives in it.

Shop now: $4,400; ysl.com

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Miu Miu Wander Matelassé Mini Hobo Bag

'It' bag

If you need a break from the Miu Miu miniskirt set, which has most recently made its way to Amanda Seyfried and Lorde for editorial shoots, the brand has released a not-as-everywhere piece that's bound to be just as beloved by celebrities: the Wander bag.

For the campaign styled by Lotta Volkova, Miu Miu taped Sydney Sweeney to model the bag in pink, reimagined for the season in a hobo shape and a Matelassé motif. There's even a Re-Nylon version for under $2,000 made from recycled plastic that comes with a removable pouch (if you are a fan of Prada's monolith boots). And as Sweeney demonstrates in the campaign, the bag looks great with the famous Miu Miu Mini, naturally.

Shop now: $2,200; farfetch.com

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Valentino One Stud Bag

'It' bag

There are few designer items as pervasive as the Valentino rockstud sandals, which skyrocketed to popularity on just about every and any fashion blog in the 2010s. But however you feel about the infamous sandal, Valentino's One Stud bag offers a much more subtle take on the house's signature stud. For starters, there's only one stud.

The bag was first seen on the arms of models walking down Pierpaolo Piccioli's spring 2022 runway, and later on Zendaya waltzing through the Warner Brothers Studio Lot for the bag's campaign shoot. Since then, the One Stud has been spotted on Charli XCX on a Saturday Night Live appearance and Anne Hathaway at a Broadway show. Considering TikTok creator Dixie D'Amelio's videos featuring the bag rack up tens of millions of views, it's only a matter of time before the celeb-loved bag takes over our feeds as much as it does the red carpet.

Shop now: $3,400; nordstrom.com

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