Calvin Klein - Instagram Kendall Jenner - LEAD
Credit: calvinklein/instagram

BREAKING: sans-serif font in all caps is in. And a label decked in serif curlicue? Well, you’re about three logo overhauls behind. (Shout-out to Saint Laurent and Diane von Furstenberg for being on it.) The latest brand to unveil a new logo design hot off the press is the iconic American brand Calvin Klein.

What does this mean? It means your favorite underwear is about to get a major update. Well, the waistband font at least.

CK’s newly installed creative director Raf Simons teamed up with famed art director and graphic designer Peter Saville to create this sleek and uniform logo (not their first collab either, mind you). Notable changes include an all-caps-only update and letter-spacing tweak. The brand debuted the new logo via Instagram, describing it as “a return to the spirit of the original” and “an acknowledgement of the founder and foundations of the fashion house.”

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In other words, while the brand has welcomed a new creative director, things are still traditionally Calvin Klein. And isn’t that great news for your knickers?