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Traveling to far-flung destinations = chic. Packing, not so much. What's even less so? Having to choose between a heavy shellacked suitcase or a beaten-up synthetic one that's worse for wear. Savvy travelers and industry insiders Indré Rockefeller and Andy Krantz are dedicated to changing that with the launch of a luxury direct-to-consumer luggage brand Paravel that aims to marry fashion and function through modern-yet-nostalgic designs that address all the frustrations of travel (and packing), all at an affordable price point.

"We really set out to reimagine what luxury and travel means for the modern consumer," Rockefeller tells us. "We really wanted to build a brand that looks like a luxury brand, but acts like a road warrior brand and it was important to us that it was available at an honest price."

Paravel Launches Luggage for the Fashion Girl 2
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That meant having to create resilient pieces able to endure tough, hostile travel environments. To that end, they sourced a special material from Italy specially made for Paravel: a lightweight, super durable, water- and stain-proof (aka "oops-proof") canvas material that has now become the brand's signature identifier. "Canvas was a great starting point. It's a historical fabric traditionally used by adventurers, used in expeditions," Krantz says. "We loved the idea of taking a material that provided shelter and protection for generations of explorers and reworking it for the next generation of travelers."

From there, they solved common pain points through design, like accessible pockets, packing cubes (to help pack by look or category), and collapsible styles (that's easy to store and that you can bring with you on your travels in case of impromptu shopping sprees).

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The two tested out the goods for a year and it wasn't until they were stopped in their tracks by TSA agents, fellow passengers, and random passersby, all of whom demanded to know where their luggage was from, that they really knew they were onto something. From suitcases to weekenders to pouches, shop the collection at "We think it's a modern update on a beautiful view of what adventuring can mean today," Krantz says.

BRB, booking our next vacation right now.

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