By Ruthie Friedlander
Updated Aug 23, 2018 @ 2:15 pm

There are only two weekends left of summer, which means (a) you need to start Fall shopping and (b) you need to get all your R&R in now. Your old friend September is about to wake you up, and you need to be prepared.

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I, for one, relish in this nap-centric time. My preference? An early rise followed by a mid-morning nap, and a post-lunch nap as well. And, of course, bedtime by 10P.M. This, my friends, is the key to embracing fall. A summer of naps.

And so it’s with great delight that we share a collaboration that we never knew we needed, but now can’t live without: Everyone’s favorite fashion guru, Leandra Medine, has teamed up with Negative Underwear (aka, maker of the most comfortable bras ever) to create a limited-edition kit designed aimed at giving you the chicest naps you’ve ever had. And of course, like all things Man Repeller, there’s whimsey and whit in every aspect to it.

“Negative is a brand that talks a lot about the importance of supporting women — literally, metaphorically, physically — we're built for women, by women, after all,” co-founder of Negative Underwear Marissa Vosper tells “Partnering with another strong, female-run brand is practicing what we preach. Especially with a brand like Man Repeller that is also such a clear champion of women. In the world of fashion (particularly lingerie!), it can often feel so exclusionary - that if you're not part of a certain mold, you don't belong. Both Negative and Man Repeller are brands trying to shift that dialogue in order to change that reality, and this collaboration is definitely a reflection of that goal!”

The kit, which retails for $250 (even though the total cost of the products is actually $400!), includes A custom Negative x Man Repeller Whipped A-Top + High-Waist Brief lounge set with brightly stitched trim, a silk pillowcase featuring an ever-so-clever embroidered butt, and a colorful pair of crew socks. The beauty guru in you will enjoy a Lake & Skye rollerball fragrance, a deliciously silk eye mask (embroidered with heart-shaped sunnies) and, my personal favorite, a double cherry hair clip.

And because you’ll need to wake up, eventually, the kit also includes a box of CAP Beauty Matcha Sticks.

“The 'making nap time more exciting than usual' theme came about through brainstorms together and once we landed on it, the components of the kit fell into place,” Lauren Schwab, Negative’s other co-founder says. “In line with our collection as a whole, we wanted to keep an overall minimalist vibe, but with the addition of considered, whimsical touches.”

Now. Go nap.

The collaboration launches August 23rd and is available exclusively at