By Andrea Cheng
Updated May 10, 2016 @ 3:00 pm

Denim problem #1: When your jeans sag over time.
Denim problem #2: When you want high quality jeans, but you don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars.
Denim problem #3: When you want to buy "worn-in" jeans, but hate the fake whisker-like creases.
Denim problem #4: When your dark jeans fade.
Denim problem #5: When you dread trying on jeans in the store.

Meet Mott & Bow, the brand that has set out to solve all your pressing denim issues. After finding success in its men's collection, which launched two years ago, Mott & Bow has now ventured into women's, with the launch of 11 denim styles and three fits (high-rise skinny, mid-rise skinny, and slim boyfriend) as of today.

But let's get to the good stuff—what differentiates Mott & Bow from the rest. With the tag line, "Premium Jeans. Fair Price," the brand prides itself for sourcing the best denim from premium mills (aka high-quality textiles that won't lose shape over time—that takes care of problem #1), but at a fraction of what you'd pay for traditional designer jeans. And how does it do that exactly?


"We source from two of five premium denim mills around the world—Turkey and Italy—because they're at the forefront of denim innovation," says Alejandro Chahin, the CEO of Mott & Bow, whose family has been in the denim industry since the '80s. "We do everything else in-house, so we eliminate mark-ups and inefficiencies. We have also perfected 'denim science,' a manually intensive sanding, distressing, and finishing process to get the naturally worn-in feel without looking cheap."

That addresses denim problems #2 and #3. They also solved indigo transfer, an issue most prevalent in dark rinses, by applying resin on denim and baking it in an oven to create a sealant, which stops the dye from fading or from accidentally tinting other fabrics (so long, problem #4). And finally, Mott & Bow has adopted a direct-to-consumer business model with a home try-on program (problem #5, solved), in which you can purchase a pair and get another size free if you're unsure which one will fit you best—an issue that stemmed from vanity sizing.

"When vanity sizing was invented, it wasn't a set standard, so jeans were sized between a range of 1.5 and 2.5 inches," Chahin explains. "How can we solve this as an online-only company and not frustrate our customers? Let's send an extra pair of jeans."

Chahin took inspiration from other try-on programs, like Warby Parker specifically, and applied the strategy to denim. Each order comes with a free return label to ensure the most seamless, streamlined transaction. "We wanted to minimize friction a customer might have from ordering for the first time from a new brand," Chahin says. "And that's what we are to a lot of people."

Hopefully, not for long. Get to know Mott & Bow and start trying on denim (priced between $96 and $108) at