Miranda Kerr Tells Us What She's Getting Her Mom for Mother's Day

Miranda Kerr Mother's Day Lead
Photo: Jun Sato/Getty Images

Miranda Kerr is busier than all of us, combined. Not only is she a mom, but she's a jewelry designer (done in partnership with Swarovski), an entrepreneur (she launched a certified organic skincare company KORA Organics), a tableware designer (see: her Royal Albert collection), plus she's the face of what could possibly be a billion brands. And she does it all without so much as a hair out of place. We mean, have you seen her airport style? But what she's not too busy for is planning what to give her mom this Mother's Day.

"A beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers and a little parcel filled with surprises, including my new Swarovski sunflower necklace (which symbolizes happiness)," Kerr confides in us. Aww!

As it turns out, a Miranda-designed gift is something that her mama has loved in the past. "My mum loves anything that's given with thought and really appreciates creativity," Kerr says. "She loves framed photos or a painting Flynn has done, and she also really loves my collection for Royal Albert, especially the mini mug for her daily morning cup of tea."

It's the least Kerr can do, given what her mama has gifted her—life itself, a ring from her late grandmother (which holds sentimental value and was a source for Kerr's jewelry designs), and the best life lessons ever. "She taught me to have gratitude, a strong work ethic, and to really value my health," Kerr says. "She always said, 'health is wealth;' she's a passionate advocate about chemical-free living and educating people about the dangers of certain chemicals and the damage they do not only to our bodies, but also the environment."

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