Fact: Jackie Burkhart is still a style icon.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Aug 14, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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Mila Kunis was a mere 14 years old when she was cast as Jackie Burkhart on That '70s Show — a small, minor fact she forgot to mention during her audition (she actually lied and said she was 18). The role ended up launching her acting career and lead to her meeting her now-husband, Ashton Kutcher. It also happens to be a character we still talk about, 21 years later, mostly because her outfits were sofreakingood.

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Jackie was definitely the best-dressed teen out of that group of friends. In any given episode, she could be seen wearing a beret or a scarf (sometimes both), along with a pair of flairs and statement-making jewelry. So, in honor of Kunis turning 36, we decided to go through the archives and highlight some of Jackie's best looks. Bonus: these pics might just be the outfit inspiration you're looking for ahead of fall.

Ski Trip;Season 1, Episode 13

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One of many berets that Jackie wears during the show. She chose a red one for a snowy getaway with her pals, and paired it with a rust-colored coat and jeans.

The Good Son;Season 1, Episode 25

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More proof that throwback trends always make a comeback? This rainbow "'70s" jumpsuit, which we could easily imagine being sold today, possibly on Net-a-Porter or even Zara.

Eric Gets Suspended; Season 2, Episode 9

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Mark our words: we will be tying our neck-scarves over our turtlenecks this fall. What a great way to spice up cool-weather outfit!

Eric's Stash; Season 2, Episode 12

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We big fans of a breezy '70s dress, and that sheer layer makes it all the more ethereal.

The First Time; Season 2, Episode 16

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This puff-sleeve number is right on trend for 2019. Did she happen to get this at Batsheva?

Jackie Moves On; Season 2, Episode 22

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We can't decide which we love more: the colorblocking of burgundy and bright pink, the pairing of a beret and scarf, or those statement pants. There's a reason this look is all over Instagram!

Roller Disco; Season 3, Episode 5

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Sure, it's kind of a costume, but we'd definitely rock this satin set to more than just the roller rink.

Kitty's Birthday (That's Today?!);Season 3, Episode 17

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*Immediately adds berets, scarves, and turtlenecks to fall shopping list — and underlines multiple times.*

Eric's Hot Cousin; Season 4, Episode 14

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The girls may have been trying to get a tan here, but we're kind of getting some Bella Hadid vibes from Jackie's bikini and high-waisted jeans.

The Girl I Love; Season 5, Episode 11

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A good reminder to cuff those jeans and let your slouchy boots peek out from underneath. And also that a puffer vest is a winter wardrobe essential.

The Kids Are Alright; Season 6, Episode 1

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It was two iconic looks for the price of one when Jackie channeled Sandy from Grease.

It's All Over Now; Season 7, Episode 15

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Unsure how style your vintage, plaid midi skirt? Jackie proved that adding a black turtleneck and pendant necklace is a no-fail outfit idea.

Fun It; Season 8, Episode 7

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Sometimes, simple(ish) is best. We love the fun yet polished combination of a printed button-down, dark jeans, and a matching belt.

Sheer Heart Attack; Season 8, Episode 19

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Jackie even knew how to relax in style, cuddling up with a pink blanket that highlighted the print on her blue pajamas.