Snaps for everyone who went big — huge — on the pink carpet.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated May 07, 2019 @ 4:45 pm
Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

We've all got our favorite looks from 2019's Met Gala: Zendaya's Cinderella dress, Lady Gaga's multiple outfit changes, Kanye West's $40 jacket, and so forth. And we may think we're experts on the Camp theme, but there's something special about seeing these creations through the eyes of an expert. In this case, we're talking about August Getty, a 24-year-old designer and founder of August Getty Atelier, who has not only seen massive success in recent years (Lady Gaga, Cher, Jennifer Lopez, and the Kardashians have all worn his stuff), he also dressed Sara Sampaio for the Met Gala's pink carpet. Considering all of Getty's experience, we thought it would be cool to get his hot take on who was best dressed at the event — and he gave it to us, along with his reasoning why.

We have to say, he pointed out a few things we hadn't thought of — possible inspiration behind the dresses, tiny details we might have missed the first time around — and had us seeing these pieces in a whole new light. So, without further ado, here's designer August Getty's 2019 Met Gala top 10 (in no particular order).

Naomi Campbell in Valentino

Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

"What I love about Naomi’s look is that she is able to make feathers, lace, and chiffon look like loungewear. She is effortlessly chic and on-theme, combining this year’s Met Gala theme and [more traditional] fashion."

Billy Porter in The Blonds

Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

"This is the most iconic entrance that we have yet to see at the Met Gala! He surpassed this year’s theme by not only wearing camp, but by being camp, which is the definition of self-expression."

Dame Joan Collins in Valentino

Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

"Lady Dynasty was DIVINEsty, representing true Hollywood glamour like the queen she is. What I love is that she had a smile on her face in every picture. Her look is tastefully clean yet extravagant, while also being romantic."

Cara Delevingne in Dior

Credit: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

"Thank you Cara Delevingne, [and stylists] Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, for creating a look that represents the LGBTQ+ community by being the pride flag of the MET Gala. I loved how loud and fabulous this important statement piece was, while still staying 137 percent on-theme."

Ezra Miller in Burberry

Credit: Karwai Tang/Getty Images

"Ezra Miller was a walking art form. I could not advert my eyes from trying to figure out his own. This gives me ‘90s-Madona feels with the pinstripe suit, the caged corset, and out-of-this-world glam."

Dua Lipa in Versace

Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

"My spirit animal on the pink carpet. Divine is in every detail, and this is the epitome of Versace’s take on camp. This perfect Versace ensemble provides us with personality and perfection with the vibrant patterns, seamless silk, and a true representation of a total diva. This is a genuine collaboration of excess and taste."

Lizzo in Marc Jacobs

Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

"A classic ode to the iconic Shirley MacLaine. Lizzo’s custom Marc Jacobs look embodies the opulence that we so greatly craved and brought the fierce essence of the pink carpet to life. Lizzo is looking 'Good As Hell!'"

Janelle Monae in Christian Siriano

Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

"Hats off to you, my dear. An honest collaboration of art, fashion, and self-expression. She literally looks like a piece of art that came out of the Met and walked onto the carpet. A deserving piece that should be remembered forever."

Sara Sampaio in August Getty Atelier

Credit: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

"This strapless silk Lady Belle gown brought my Sophia Loren fantasies to life, combining my American dream with European royalty. Over 100 hours were spent hand-embroidering the stones onto the delicate silk tulle. I love the petticoat and substructure that creates the exaggerated proportions of this gown. This dress is era-less. You don’t know when this dress was made. It could be something current or something from 1822. It’s the epitome of a queen!"

Cardi B. in Thom Browne

Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images

"You know you’re doing something right when you’re wearing rubies, feathers, and need six men to walk the iconic Met steps."