Now That I'm Older, I Wish I Had Meredith Blake's Camping Outfit From 'The Parent Trap'

Let's be honest — this woman had impeccable taste in clothing.

Meredith Blake The Parent Trap Style Hat
Photo: Disney

I know main characters and heroes tend to get all the glory, but more often than not, it's the villains from movies that have the best sense of style. Even today, I'm inspired by outfits worn by Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent and Jennifer from Jennifer's Body, and as a kid watching The Parent Trap, I definitely didn't realize how well-dressed Meredith Blake was — especially during that infamous camping trip.

Sure, Meredith was technically a 26-year-old gold digger who was mean to her boyfriend's kids, Hallie Parker and Annie James (aka Lindsay Lohan). But, at the same time, her old school and glamorous aesthetic is similar to mine. She loved tailored pieces, accessorized with floppy hats, and while camping wasn't her forte (remember the lizard incident?), she still chose something appropriate yet cute after receiving a *last-minute* invite: a matching black and white set, consisting of a zip-up sports bra, cropped leggings, and a jacket.

Meredith Blake Style The Parent Trap

I'm admittedly slacking on any sort of workout routine at the moment, but I would definitely wear this entire look while running errands or going for a leisurely walk. Thankfully, it doesn't seem like fitness was at the top of Meredith's mind in this case, either — she's still wearing multiple rings and put effort into her hairstyle.

Either way, I did find similar bras from Outdoor Voices ($49, Originally $78; and All Access ($78;, and ASOS sells a tracksuit that gives me the same sort of vibe ($51; With the perfect pair of leggings (Shop similar: $30, Originally $55;, channeling Meredith — without being obvious about it — is easy.

To be honest, I'm not sure which part of me copying Meredith's camping outfit would be more surprising to younger me: the fact that I want to dress like 'Cruella' or that her 1998 style is still relevant today.

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