Is Meghan Markle Trying to Send a Message Through Her Outfits?

It's not lost on us that the Duchess of Sussex has been favoring specific styles.

While some people choose outfits based on mood or the status of their laundry pile, others, and especially those in the public eye, use fashion as a form of communication. For example, a certain dress choice can be a nod to the past, or a Hawaiian shirt might have a more sinister meaning than just a playful print.

So, when we noticed Meghan Markle had been favoring white looks during Zoom calls and appearances — most recently when she and Prince Harry led a Black Lives Matter discussion for the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust — we couldn't chalk it up to coincidence. There are so many symbolic meanings behind the color choice, and given how vocal Markle has been about racism and social justice, it's possible she was well aware while getting dressed.

We've seen many white outfits during recent Black Lives Matter marches, and, more specifically, the color choice was a uniform of sorts in New York, as thousands demanded justice and equality for the Black Trans community. As one of event's organizers, Fran Tirado, revealed via Twitter, the white outfits were meant to reference a different protest from 1917, where it was considered a symbol for standing up against anti-Black violence.

It's entirely possible that Markle had something similar in mind while speaking to Immaculate Heart High School’s class of 2020 in early June. Her sleek white-on-white pairing was clearly visible as she gave an emotional speech, addressing injustice, inequality, and the deaths of Black Americans like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile, and Tamir Rice.

At the same time, white is often associated with messages for peace and hope, which makes sense when you consider that Markle has also worn the color while volunteering. In June, dressed in a white button-down, she prepped meals with Homeboy Industries, an organization working to better the lives of former gang members. In this case, the neutral choice could mean a fresh slate and starting anew, which could even tie back to her choice of separating from the royal family.

Then, there's the fact that so many powerful women have favored white outfits throughout history. Remember when members of the United States Congress wore Suffragette White to the 2019 State of the Union? In grander terms, it's a symbol of equality, which is very appropriate as we think about unfair systems in place and look toward the future.

Perhaps there isn't just one specific message hidden in Markle's outfits. Maybe it's all of the above. In any case, we'll be keeping an eye out for when she switches to a new color or print — a choice that is bound to carry some meaning as well.

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