They're definitely worth a zoom.
Meghan Markle Prince Harry Africa Bracelets
Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

We love a good royal fashion moment, whether it’s spotting a shoe that’s been worn before or realizing an outfit is actually a nod to history. But when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry kicked off their visit to South Africa in Nyanga township, they made quite the powerful statement with their style — one that we almost missed until we zoomed in on the photos.

Meghan Markle Bracelet
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While The Duchess of Sussex’s dress contained a hidden, eco-conscious message, her and Harry’s matching beaded bracelets also spoke volumes. They contained the word “Justice,” which, upon further inspection, is more than these two standing up for human rights. It's also the name of the charity they visited, the Justice Desk, which is supported by the Queen's Commonwealth Trust, where Harry is President and Meghan serves as VP.

Prince Harry Bracelet
Credit: Pool/Getty Images

According to the site for the Queen's Commonwealth Trust, the Justice Desk is on a mission to empower “otherwise vulnerable groups to better advocate for themselves and others.”

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It's unknown if the royals were gifted the bracelets or wore them for the ocassion, but one thing is for sure: This won't be the last message they send through their outfits during their 10-day trip.