This Jennifer Lopez-Approved Face Mask Just Became My New Favorite — and I Even Got the FedEx Man Hooked

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Dec 04, 2020 @ 8:00 am
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Like most women, I am obsessed with Jennifer Lopez. She is the only person in the universe who could convince me to buy something simply by using it, whether it’s a hair product, makeup, activewear, winter coat, or candle. Even when said items are way beyond my preferred price point, a J. Lo stamp of approval essentially guarantees I’ll empty my wallet.

Thankfully, not all of Lopez’s go-to products come with a less obtainable price point — and yes, that is a subtle nod to the Coach jacket she wears on repeat. Her go-to face mask brand, Masqd, keeps prices on its reusable masks under $30. Also a favorite of basically every celeb in Hollywood, including Bella Hadid and Sophie Turner, the masks are structured, breathable, adjustable, and pretty damn attractive.  

And if you’re wondering how I know this, it’s because they’ve officially stolen the top spot as my favorite face mask after the brand sent over a sample last month. While that fact doesn’t seem all that impressive by itself, let’s put it into perspective: I’ve got a collection of more than 20 masks, yet I’ve been reaching for Masqd's ribbed face mask every time I leave the house.

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The biggest sell of this face mask is that it doesn’t fog up my glasses. When I’m too lazy to put in contacts, I dread a quick trip to the bodega because I know I’ll spend the next 20 minutes combatting steamy glasses comparable to the carriage window in that iconic Titanic sex scene. However, the combination of the mask’s sculpted nose cutout and adjustable wire successfully prevent this annoyance. The discovery has not only made it practical to wear my glasses again, but it also allowed me to unearth my abandoned collection of sunnies. 

Unlike most of the masks in my collection, it also has a super structured design. While I used to associate this construction with discomfort — I assumed it wouldn’t be breathable — I’ve learned it actually prevents the cloth from clinging to your nostrils when inhaling. It also ensures the mask doesn’t slip down or slide side-to-side à la Ariana Grande.

Additional features like a filter pocket and adjustable ear straps add to the magic of this mask. Better yet, it’s also made with an antimicrobial fabric that prevents odors and bacterial growth. So not only is it breathable and comfortable, but I know it won’t smell after a few errands outside my apartment. 

Not to mention, my newfound obsession with Masqd isn’t limited to me. I gave a couple of unused spare masks to my favorite delivery man after he told me how he was searching for a comfortable mask. He legitimately reappeared at my door 10 minutes later to let me know how good it was — and unlike me, he spends all day wearing it. 

It’s not often that J. Lo, the FedEx man, and me all have something in common. But when it comes to a reliable reusable face mask, we share a clear favorite. Luckily, you can score your own for 40 percent off right now in Masqd’s extended Cyber Monday sale. 

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