Let's travel back in time to little gem called You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's School Dance Party.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Jun 13, 2019 @ 3:15 pm
Mary-Kate Olsen Cheetah Skirt
Credit: Ron Galella, Ltd./Getty Images

Way back when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were tweens, starring in a variety of short-lived TV shows and straight-to-video movies, we couldn't have predicted they'd become the fashion moguls they are today. But, honestly, that was a mistake on our part. Their late-'90s, early-'00s outfits — which were what we wanted in our closets way back when — still happen to be in style and eye-catching in 2019. One piece that holds a place in our heart? Mary-Kate's leopard-print midi skirt, which she wore in You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's School Dance Party.

Mary-Kate Olsen Cheetah Skirt
Credit: Dualstar Productions/courtesy Everett Collection

For starters, this is truly a gem of a film, filled with songs that basically sound like sustained talking, as well as the world'smost awkward dance movies. But it also proves how much these two were ahead of their time in terms of fashion. Mary-Kate's leopard midi, which is one of the hottest pieces of the summer, was styled with a red tank, tiny sunglasses, and wedges — AKA a combo we'd wear tomorrow if given the chance. Ashley had a handful of winning looks, too. If Emily Ratajkowski stepped out in her red pants and cropped black tank, we wouldn't even think twice. It just works.

The best news is that MK and A are still providing plenty of fashion inspiration via The Row and their street-style choices.