They're giving us Double, Double Toil and Trouble vibes.

Tk MK wearing witch boots
Credit: The Image Direct

Halloween is just about a month away, so please excuse us for having spooky style on the brain. We keep thinking about things like The Craft (ugh, the schoolgirl-like outfits!) and pointy, lace-up witch boots — something that clearly has Mary-Kate Olsen's stamp of approval.

Considering that MK is both a fashion designer and lover of dark colors, we weren't too surprised to see her pair her all-black outfit with a shiny black pair while out in London. If anything, those shoes really spiced up the star's ensemble, turning a simple combination of a black shirt, black trousers, and a black coat into something standout.

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Considering these boots are such a witch-y trend, we were immediately reminded of a witch-y movie from Olsen's acting days: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble — AKA something we'll definitely be watching in the coming weeks.

While Ashley Olsen was also by Mary-Kate's side as they left the restaurant Scott's in Mayfair, she skipped boots and went with heeled sandals instead.