Remember When Kenzo Broke the Internet With This Perfume Ad in 2016?

Margaret Qualley's intense emotions are weirdly soothing for a quarantine re-watch.

Margaret Qualley
Photo: Gisela Schober/Getty Images

Years before we knew her as an up-and-coming actress, Pete Davidson's ex, and a member of the ultimate quarantine crew, Margaret Qualley starred in an iconic Kenzo World commecial. Decked out in an asymmetrical green dress, she flung her arms around, kicked her legs akimbo, and made many very intense facial expressions, all as "Mutant Brain" by Sam Spiegel and Ape Drums played in the background.

We recently rediscovered the 2016 clip during a late-night Internet spiral, and it's kind of perfect for today's world. As we sit at home, hoping to stop the spread of COVID-19, Qualley's dancing is a stress reliever of sorts. Seeing her twist around is like seeing our emotions play out on screen, and it almost makes us want to get up and move, too. For those of us who've gone numb, seeing her emotional rollercoaster (and possible possession) is a way to experience some outloud feeling, even if vicariously. At the very least, it's a welcomed distraction. For nearly four whole minutes, we're fascinated watching the actress do...whatever the heck she's doing. (Honestly, just wait until her fingers turn into lasers.)

Of course, there are other benefits to rewatching this video years later. We've since realized that Heidi Bivens, who does the costumes for Euphoria, was the costume designer on this project as well. And, the dancer who choreographed this routine, Ryan Heffington, has been hosting live classes on his Instagram for the past few weeks. So, if you really do want to shake it off like Qualley, now is your chance. If not, join us in watching her on a loop until mid-April at least.

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