By Andrea Cheng
Updated Apr 15, 2016 @ 2:00 pm
Marchesa Bridal - Lead
Credit: FirstView

Flowers for spring can sometimes feel so done, but the Marchesa design dream team of Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig took the garden-variety motif and gave it a special, breathtaking treatment for their spring 2017 bridal collection. "A regal, enchanted garden with flourishing rosebuds and blossoming florals emerging just as the morning sun rises" was the source of their inspiration, so it was quite fitting—poetic, really—that the presentation (the first to kick off Bridal Fashion Week) was set at Canoe Studios in New York with a stunning view of the sunset.

As for the garden-inspired designs, well, they spoke for themselves. There were sweeping gowns exquisitely embroidered with light-refracting crystals and pearls meant to conjure up a veil of morning mist on petals in a wildflower meadow, ethereal off-the-shoulder designs cut from lightweight tulle, and so, so many florals, from dramatic three-dimensional organza roses strewn along the skirt and train to delicate hand-cut petals sprinkled over skirts and peplums. Real flowers were even woven through drop chandelier earrings and bridal necklaces, a task that was completed just that morning.

But perhaps the most notable characteristic that sets this particular collection apart from the rest is its color palette—a delicate shade of blush pink ran throughout the line-up, which swung from dramatic (a saturated ombre) to the demure (a whisper of the shade in the embroidery or underneath layers of tulle).

"In the past, we’ve done some champagne, we’ve done some blush, but this time, the theme really goes throughout the whole collection," Craig says. "There's something that has a little bit of blush. It gives it a new feeling, but still feels quintessentially Marchesa."

And how was this specific shade of pink achieved?

"A lot of dye tests in our kitchen," laughs Chapman.