March: Home Hints

Alternate Shades
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March: Home Hints

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Liven Up Your Space

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"New, great looking pillows can liven up any living space with very little effort or money," says Monica Pedersen of HGTV's Designed to Sell. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to brighten a room too, she says.

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Invest in Art

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Interior designer Nate Berkus suggests buying a beautiful painting or great photograph, like this one from Fernando Bengoechea Photography. "Remember, a truly stylish home breaks rules and represents the personality of the people living there," says Berkus.

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Expand the Appearance of a Room

Seagrass Rug
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eBay Design Director Shawn Henderson recommends this tip to make a room look bigger: "My trick is to use a large area rug and spread the furniture out to visually expand a room. For an inexpensive solution, I'd suggest finding a seagrass rug."

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Opt for Luxurious Simplicity

Robern Cabinet
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"The most brilliant ideas are often the simplest," says professional organizer Lisa Adams. For her, the embodiment of this rule is a Robern mirrored cabinet with cold storage. "Half the mirrored cabinet is kept at a refrigerator-like temperature, changing the way that we can use the bathroom for storage," she says. "Cold storage can effectively increase the life of high-end cosmetics, maintain the quality of medicine, or just keep chilled drinks close at hand. Imagine being able to sooth puffy eyes with toner or cucumber slices at the perfect temperature as soon as you awake."


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Mix Cheap and Steep

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Style expert Dayna Spitz approaches design like fashion: "I would never dress anyone in head-to-toe of the same designer. That same rule applies for decorating!" And her philosophy extends to price points as well. "Don't be afraid to pair a mass market piece of furniture with a high-end custom piece or an antique. Afterall, that's what gives a room personality and style." She suggests a pedestal table from Target paired with custom-designed chocolate leather chairs and a glass chandelier for the dining room.

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Display Pretty Jewels

Linen Tiles
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Think outside the jewelry box, like wardrobe stylist Jenny Gering. "I hook together linen tiles from Pottery Barn and use them in my dressing area to display necklaces and brooches."

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Refresh a Room

Picture Frame
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Another tip from Nate Berkus is to update all of your photo frames, one room at a time. Most likely, they can use it! Also, he says, "To make a small space seem larger, use the same color white on all walls and ceiling, or keep a neutral color scheme throughout."

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Get More from Furniture

Storage Ottoman
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Designer Susan Maxwell of Suz Maxwell says, "Buy multi-purpose furniture pieces that can be used in many ways. This will allow you to utilize less space and keep things uncluttered." An easy way to achieve this is with an ottoman that opens up to store board games or blankets.

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Add Little Accents

Candle Holders
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"Pillows, mirrors and candlestick holders (especially brass candelabras), are all affordable touches to add a chic accent to your living space," says Shawn Henderson. Remember to add variety in candlestick height to strategically guide the eye through a room.

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De-clutter the Bedroom

Bedside Cabinet
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Daniel Kucan, of HGTV's Desperate Spaces, knows that nothing clutters a bedroom "like a nightstand covered with personal objects such as lotion bottles, a tissue box, and that paperback you've been meaning to get to for months now." But there's an easy solution: a nightstand where you can tuck things away. "Stash your stuff inside and simplify your bedside decor by using only a lamp, a stylish alarm clock, and a carafe of water."

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Keep Kid Areas Tidy

Storage Bins
Courtesy of The Container Store

It's not just about the adult rooms, says Lisa Adams. Make play areas neat with organized receptacles for toys. "Each storage bin should be labeled, so kids know where to put what (e.g. stuffed animal bin, ball bin, etc.). For young children who can't read, use picture labels," she says.

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Decorate with Glass

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Monica Pedersen loves what decorative glass can do for a room. "Whether it is simply freshening up the look of basic candles by tossing an inexpensive glass hurricane shade over them or filling an oversized-glass urn with brightly-colored fruit, glass accents always lighten the feel of a space," says the decorator.

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Give a Modern Edge

Modern Chair
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A simple piece of furniture can add an interesting mix to a room. Nate Berkus recommends a modern classic chair from Le Corbusier or Mies van der Rohe, available at

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Alternate Shades

Alternate Shades
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"You can streamline a room and make it look more modern by getting some off-white orwhite matching paper drum lampshades," says Shawn Henderson. "People usually don?t think of altering their lampshades, but it?s a nice touch."

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