The sisters opened up about modeling, skateboarding and their style influences.

By Alyssa Hardy
Nov 18, 2020 @ 9:45 am
brenn and jules skate kitchen
Credit: Courtesy of Mansur Gavriel

For Mansur Gavriel's 'Love Forward' campaign, which seeks to celebrate diversity, strength, and community, the brand tapped Skate Kitchen founders Brenn and Jules Lorenzo.

The sisters, who are fraternal twins, have been skateboarding since they were children but gained notoriety when they starred in the 2018 film Skate Kitchen, which was based on their skating collective. In a lot of ways, the film helped change the way the world looked at skateboarding and put the spotlight on a new class of stars within the sport. It's also when the fashion world at large, not just traditionally skate-friendly brands like Supreme, started taking notice.

That's because, according to the sisters, fashion's future is diverse in all the ways that the skating community has become.

"This campaign was very personal for Mansur Gavriel, and was a critical moment for us to collaborate with real changemakers to amplify new voices that speak to our community,” Co-Founder Rachel Mansur explained in a press release.

Ahead, Brenn and Jules talked with InStyle about skateboarding, personal style, and how they see the next phase of fashion.

jules and brenn
Jules and Brenn model the Multi Zip Bag.
| Credit: In the images, Brenn and Jules are playfully posing caring the Mini Zip.

InStyle: What made you want to work with Mansur Gavriel?

Jules Lorenzo: One of the biggest things, to me and lots of friends, is representation, especially in the fashion world. What I loved about the shoot, in particular, was that they use so many different people with different gender identities and races. I just feel a lot more brands should move forward and also involve inclusivity with their work because clothes should be made for everybody.

How do you meld skating and fashion together?

JL: Separately I'm a skater, and then separately I'm a model. When I get to bring these two worlds together, it's so much fun. I can do a shoot where I'm just skating, doing what I love to do anyway. But, I think there's definitely a way to go about it because authenticity is so important to the skate community and always has been. I feel like fashion is also so deeply rooted in skating and this has been evolving for years now.

Has there been any sort of pushback in the skateboarding community?

JL: When I do shoots either I'll try to skate and be doing what I usually do there, or be respectful to the other skaters there to not take up space and be in the way of somebody. It's really just about being respectful.

Where do you want to see fashion move in the future?

Brenn Lorenzo: I feel like we're already going in a really, really good direction because obviously there's more inclusivity for everybody. I feel like we've got to keep moving toward more sustainable pieces and thinking outside the box when it comes to shoots. I think it's amazing that we're shooting in skate parks and just making it feel really real and authentic for even the people that just use it.

Who are you style icons?

BL: I would definitely steal Rihanna's style because I love her and she is everything that I love and aspire to be. She is so versatile, she can really pull off anything and she is so confident, and just an incredible woman, so definitely Rihanna.

JL: It's hard because my style is always changing and I am influenced by so many different people. But in my heart I feel like I'm like Kurt Cobain mixed with like, who is somebody sexy? A sexy Kurt Cobain (laughs). What really inspires me is just my friends and when I watch the world around me. I can't even put it into form on certain styles of clothing cause it's so fluid for me and I just want to change it up sometimes.