By Ruthie Friedlander
Updated Jul 10, 2018 @ 5:45 pm
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Cristina Ehrlich
Credit: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Last summer, Celine Dion was the unrefuted breakout star of couture week. Her stylist, the all mighty Law Roach, dressed her in everything from Dice Kayek to Christian Dior.

VIDEO: Celebrities Attend Couture Week in Paris

According to an interview Roach did with WWD, she apparently hadn’t been to a fashion show in “probably 20 years.” We shouldn’t have been surprised by Dion’s presence, however. The singer, who is worth an estimated $800 million, is an actual couture shopper. Of course, she should be at couture.

A year later, the woman to peek our attention at couture came in the form of a different type of musician; a formerly sugary sweet pop sensation turned critically acclaimed dramatic actress.

Couture Mandy Moore
Credit: jonny cournoyer

The name Mandy Moore may have previously drummed up images of baby tees and butterfly hair clips, but leave it to stylist Cristina Ehrlich, by the end of couture week, she’s become a bonafide fashionista in her own right.

“Mandy and I have worked together for a few months now, so this trip to Paris was really a great bonding moment where we could all, as a team with her hair and makeup team [Ashley & Jenn Streicher], solidify our direction going into the upcoming Emmys season,” Ehrlich told exclusively.

Cristina Ehrlich
Credit: Cristina Ehrlich

With Emmy’s approaching soon (you can find out everything you need to know about that here), Ehrlich and Moore were on the lookout for that special je ne sais quoi that would guarantee Moore’s spot on the Best Dressed List. “There were a couple silhouettes at Valentino and Giambattista that I know Mandy would look incredible in. Our favorite might need to stay a secret for now,” she says. The suspense.

Couture Mandy Moore
Credit: Cristina Ehrlich

Ehrlich herself is no stranger to couture. The stylist, who also works with Greta Gerwig, Laura Dern, and Uzo Aduba has been doing the European fashion week thing for years. Last summer, she brought Priyanka Chopra to the Armani Prive show. And in addition to hanging with Moore this season, she spent time with Penelope Cruz, a longtime client, who was there for the Chanel Couture show.

Cristina Ehrlich
Credit: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

“Haute Couture is definitely the most special of all the "fashion weeks,” Ehrlich explains. “Especially now in a world where designers are expected to produce so many collections in a calendar year, couture is still something that feels extremely special and born from a place of imagination, rather than appealing to the masses. While a lot of the looks on the runway aren't even necessarily "wearable" it's incredible to witness that imagination come to life.”

Thus, one has to dress for the occasion. With lots and lots and lots of clothes.

Credit: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

“Being in a foreign city with a long list of events to get dressed for, we really aimed to show a wide arc style-wise, which I think we achieved. It was less intentional and more so coming from a place of wanting to have fun and draw outside the lines a little more than we might for a red carpet.”

Moore was markedly more fashion-focused than usual. Not that she ever was poorly dressed, mind you, but the actress previously stuck to safer looks, more traditional designers, things that just sort of worked.

Last week, she walked the streets of Paris in Schiapparelli, Dior, even (hold your breath) Alaia.

“I think Mandy would say her favorite look [from the week] was the Dior T-shirt and tulle skirt with booties to see the Dior Haute Couture show,” Ehrlich says. “Personally, mine was the two-tone pink Schiapparelli dress to the Schiapparelli show because the color felt really fresh and impactful, but the dress itself was very effortless. Also, the shoes and jewelry were spectacular.”

So what can we expect from this new dynamic fashion duo in the coming months?

“Sophisticated Californian,” her stylist says. “She loves to wear dresses, but ones she can throw on with her favorite pair of slides and dress up with a bag from Loewe or Saint Laurent. Mandy knows what she likes and what looks best. Our collaboration exists in that she really allows us to present new ideas and new designers she may have never worn before.”

Until Emmy’s …