These Madewell Jeans Are the First Pants to Fit Me in Years

I’m not taking them off.

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Madewell Instacozy Denim
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After years of searching and a few meltdowns in various dressing rooms, I have finally found the perfect pair of jeans. A task that once seemed impossible, I am thrilled to tell you (and any friends, family, or strangers that will listen) that from now until the end of winter, I will be living in Madewell's Instacozy jeans.

The jeans of my dreams are among Madewell's newest fall launches. If you happen to find yourself in an area where chilly temperatures will be a constant over the next few months, these jeans, woven with wonderfully soft TENCEL lyocell fibers, are cozy, warm, and a dream to wear.

Madewell Instacozy Jeans Review

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Available in multiple washes and styles, I went with the 10" High-Rise Skinny Jeans in a Marengo Wash. The dark blue hue is the perfect color to match any item in your wardrobe. As for the skinny fit, I regret to inform the TikTok generation that I'm not yet ready to leave behind this particular cut. However, unlike skinny jeans I've worn in the past, this style (which I wore in a size 30) was fitted without an overwhelming tightness. I didn't even have to do the usual dance that comes with attempting to fit my legs into skinny pants.

I wore the jeans for an entire chilly fall day and not once did I feel like I was wearing jeans. There was no stiffness and no overwhelming urge to slip back into leggings. I even wore them to a concert, and while the room was a bit stuffy and warm, I found that the Instacozy fabric didn't cause my legs to overheat.

Even if you can't make it into a store to try this divine denim for yourself, Madewell's website comes with a sizing feature that allows you to compare its sizes to other brands. Inputting the size I traditionally wore at multiple retailers, as well as my body shape allowed the site to generate its suggested fit. The size 30 is perfect for me, as I get the skinny jean shape and feel that I love without the hassle and discomfort of a really tight pair of pants.

In fact, as I write this glowing review, it is now my second day of wearing these jeans and I'm still ready to conquer the world. Try the jeans that changed my outlook on denim for yourself and purchase a pair from Madewell.

Madewell Instacozy Jeans Review
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