Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsch Says There’s One Item She’d Steal From Camila Mendes’ Closet

Plus, she tells InStyle what she learned about fashion while getting her chakras cleansed.

Madelain Petsch wearing a Shein dress
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When a celebrity steps out in an outfit we love, more often than not, its price tag is slightly beyond our budget. Who knew that a simple T-shirt could be so expensive, or that a pair of boots could equal two months’ rent? It’s all the more reason to love Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsch, who recently partnered with the clothing brand Shein, posing in its fall campaign and rocking some standout pieces. Not only is everything from this store cute and on-trend, it’s easy on the wallet, too.

“Doing something like this was fun,” Petsch told InStyle when we met up with her at Shein’s NYC pop-up. “I did not design any of the fall collection, but I curated my favorite pieces from it. I like the fun colors and everything is so easily interchangeable. The quality is good, too.”

The actress went on to tell us how she’s been shopping at Shein since before her big break, plus she revealed the piece she'd steal from co-star Camila Mendes' closet, what she learned while getting her chakras cleansed, and what we can expect to see in Riverdale’s fourth season.

Madelain Petsch Shein campaign
Alvin Nguyen

Were you a fan of Shein before you partnered with them?

Before I booked Riverdale, I had downloaded the app, because everyone was like, "There's this brand and everything is so crazy and affordable, you should check it out." At that point, I was like, balling on the budget, so I was very much a fan. I think the fun thing about brands like Shein is that, if you like to always be “on trend” — I put that in quotes, because what really is trend is up to you — but, if you like to continuously update your wardrobe, this is a great company to do it with, because they’re typically on trend, it's easy, and it's affordable.

Is price point really important to you?

Yes. There’s something really great in mixing designer with affordable. I've never been person who's going to wear designer head-to-toe. A, it's not cost effective and B, I'm very indecisive with my clothing and I change my mind a lot. So to spend that much money on clothing all the time is a headache.

What are some fall trends that you're loving right now?

I'm really into two-piece sets, and I have not stopped wearing that blue, kind of corduroy-ish, blazer-looking thing [from Shein]. It opens up and it's oversize, and I basically wear that with everything. I have a tendency to dress up, so if I put something like that over or drape it off my shoulders, it's a little more casual. Embroidered sweaters are another thing that I'm loving. I'm really working hard to incorporate color into my wardrobe.

Madelain Petsch Shein campaign
Alvin Nguyen

What's your favorite color to wear?

Some people are going to think this is so hokey…I went and got my chakras cleansed the other day — which is bizarre. I try to do fun things like that, where I feel like I'm giving myself an hour of my day. I was wearing bright pink that day, and [the woman cleansing them] was like, "Why did you pick bright pink?" I was like, "I don't know, I was just drawn to it." She's like, "You know that the clothing that you're drawn to can sometimes have an effect on what chakra you need cleansed." My heart chakra really needed cleansing, and I was wearing pink.

I like all colors. Maybe I've been more attracted to bright colors, because she said life is happier and positive for me right now. But when you're not going through a good time, that's when you're going to be more attracted to black, or muted colors. I don't know how much truth there is in that, but I find it interesting.

What would your Riverdale character, Cheryl Blossom, shop from Shein?

Oh boy, anything red. You'll notice one thing — no red in my fall collection. Interesting. I wear it every day. It's on my toes right now. It's always on me somewhere. So, I would say probably anything red.

Madelaine Petsch Shein campaign
Alvin Nguyen

Do you have a style icon?

I have a lot. I think Emma Roberts has the best style. She gets it. And obviously Zendaya — she is fantastic. I've never seen her look bad, never. Not even like, 10 percent bad. What is that? What are you drinking? Can I have some of it? The fountain of youth? What's going on? Her stylists are great.

Do you ever share clothes with your co-stars?

Cami [Mendes] and I do a lot of clothing swaps. If we're going out, she'll come over and help me pick out an outfit, and I'll also go to her house and pick out an outfit. She takes a little bit longer; she's more of a luxurious getting-ready person. If we're like, “Okay, 2:00,” then 2:30 is usually when she'll show up. I'll get ready and then I'll go sit and watch her do her makeup. It's a little thing we do — it's cute. She has such an effortless fashion, and I really like it. She's got good taste.

Madelain Petsch and Camila Mendes

Do you have a favorite piece that you've stolen from her?

I haven't stolen it, but she has this really cute Red Valentino sweater. It's blue with white embroidery, and it was her favorite sweater last year. She wore it all the time. I wanted to get it so bad. I was at the store and I saw it, but I never got it because I was like, “She's got it, can't do it, it's her favorite sweater." You can't buy your best friend’s favorite sweater. That's messed up. Then it's like, "Okay, I'm really stealing your favorite thing.” But I can borrow it.

What's an item that you can't stop buying?

I own a million different cardigans right now. I'm not kidding. And sweaters. I also have a million pairs of high-waisted jeans and I'm really into the mini-heel bootie. And then, sunglasses. That's how I change it up; if I want to wear the same outfit every day, but I have different sunglasses on, somehow that still feels fine.

Madelain Petsch Shein
Alvin Nguyen

Do you dress up for Halloween, and if so, what are you going to be this year?

Yes, sometimes. Last year I planned to and then I didn't because I was tired. I don't know what we're going do this year. One of my weird, funny ideas is that my best friend is obsessed with Steve Jobs, and she could be Steve Jobs and I could be an apple. I don't like the not-a-lot-of-clothing Halloween costumes unless it's for a purpose. Live your life, and if that makes you happy, great. But that's not where I like to live, so me being in an apple costume is more where I would like to be. By the way, I barely wear clothes on Riverdale, let's be real, so when do I ever get the chance to be a giant apple? Not often.

Can you describe the new season of Riverdale in a sentence or two?

Honestly, it's more like season one than anything else. It's back to the relationships, which I think is what people miss and love.

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