Maddie Ziegler LEAD
Credit: Todd Williamson/Getty

A little-known fact about Maddie Ziegler: Christmas is her favorite holiday. In fact, she's obsessed. When we chatted with her prior to Thanksgiving, she revealed she had completely decked out her room with Christmas trimmings. Well, almost. "I'm getting a tree for my room in a couple of days, but I bought decorations for it already, and I have a Merry Christmas pillow," the 14-year-old Christmas aficionado enthused. "I'm really, really into it."

Naturally, talk of Christmas led to her holiday plans—more specifically, her holiday fashion plans. "I think cute oversized cowl-neck sweaters in red or white are the perfect thing to wear to a holiday party or dinner," she said, "I'd wear them with baggier girlfriend jeans and cute booties."

And the most important outfit of all? What she's wearing to open her presents. "I always wear my pajamas every morning," she says. "But last year, I had these very, very, very cute onesies from Victoria's Secret, and they were so comfy. It puts me in the Christmas-y spirit, so I think I'll wear those in the morning."

We assume these are what she's talking about—get into the holiday spirit like Maddie with Victoria's Secret Pink Long Jane onesies in Holiday Fair Isle ($50; or in Triumph White/Red Pepper ($70; Cute, indeed!