Lunar New Year Gift Guide
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12 Festive Fashion and Beauty Gifts to Celebrate the Year of the Tiger

You’re going to hear us roar. 
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It's time to dust off your favorite red fashion items and lucky gold accessories. Lunar New Year (or Chinese New Year, as it's often referred to) is just around the corner, marking the beginning of the Year of the Tiger on February 1, 2022. If you aren't familiar with this widely celebrated holiday, we're here to help inspire generous gift-giving and prosperity for all. 

For a little background, Chinese New Year is commonly regarded as the most important day of the year and is celebrated in China and other countries including Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, North Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia, to name a few. The Lunar New Year signifies the end of winter and the start of spring, and officially begins with the first new moon of the lunar calendar and ends on the first full moon of the lunar calendar, 15 days later. If you're thinking of spoiling yourself (or loved ones) with any of the enticing gifts below, you have ample time to do so during this time period and beyond. 

We rounded up several stunning fashion and beauty picks that exude lucky Year of the Tiger vibes — all of which would be tasteful additions to your closet in any season. To celebrate, people often eat special foods and honor centuries-old traditions (like lighting firecrackers, handing out red envelopes filled with money, and hanging lanterns) to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck into the New Year, and we happen to think adding in a few new shopping purchases couldn't hurt either. 

"The tiger represents big changes. This year is all about taking big risks and seeking more adventure. One thing to keep in mind is that the tiger is filled with masculine, active energy. It's critical to follow one's intuition while keeping the ego in check to prevent crashing," says Thomas Guan, founder of ME-UVC (creator of EasyKlean, a powerful disinfecting wand) and Chinese New Year expert.

In addition to living boldly, Guan also recommends giving gifts, wearing red (the most prominent color of the holiday) and gold for good luck, and most importantly, thoroughly cleaning your home before the New Year to remove any bad luck from the past year.  

Shop our favorite festive finds to ring in the Year of the Tiger. 

tube top
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cheek highlighter
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clutch bag
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silk pjs
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makeup kit
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slide sandal
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balconette bra
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eye masks
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tall boot
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