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Lululemon x Taryn Toomey Collab - LEAD
Credit: Courtesy of Lululemon

For the un-indoctrinated, a brief primer on taking The Class (don’t ask which class, it’s The Class): You enter a packed studio in Lower Manhattan with floor to ceiling windows, lit by dim crystal lamps and white votive candles. Infectious music pulses in the background, and you jump, shake, gyrate—occasionally scream even—to the point of fatigue, and then jump, shake, and gyrate some more. One exhausting and cathartic hour later, you walk out feeling like you just had a very sweaty therapy session. So, you know, it’s a just a teensy bit different from doing the elliptical for an hour while watching Real Housewives.

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It makes sense then, that when Lululemon asked the routine’s founder, Taryn Toomey, to design a special collection for the brand, she departed from your average athletic gear. Picture earthy pastel shades in lieu of all black, lithe, dancer-inspired silhouettes (including the perfect, layer-with-everything leotard), and, rather than some sort of track jacket situation, a “meditation cloak” to throw on post-class. That said, don’t let the zen vibes fool you! Thanks to the Vancouver-based label’s exhaustively developed technology, including breathable fabric and second-skin fits, the line is still tough enough to handle a hardcore workout.

Lululemon x Taryn Toomey Collab - 2
Credit: Courtesy of Lululemon

Shop the look: Bra, $52; lululemon.com. Tank top, $48; lululemon.com.

Find the perfect piece for your routine (even if it involves a little Bravo) starting today on the Lululemon.com and in selection stores.

Lululemon x Taryn Toomey Collab - 1
Credit: Courtesy of Lululemon

Shop the look: Bra, $52; lululemon.com. Cropped leggings, $88; lululemon.com.