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Credit: Courtesy of Lululemon

“Try one of the pillows—they’re made from the same fabric as the bras.”

I’m waiting with a handful of editors in an airy Manhattan loft to try Lululemon’s latest sports bra, the "Enlite." Half the space is filled with lined-up exercise mats, the other, where we gather, is an area dotted by tufted seats and the aforementioned spandex-upholstered cushions. I don’t sit on one as suggested by the brand's PR team, but the prompt does inspire me to give it a good hard poke. The material is smooth and pliant, but also quite firm—an encouraging sign, given it's what I'm wearing to do jumping jacks, squat thrusts, and high-knee drills post-presentation.

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As someone with a daily gym habit and cup size that runneth over, I have always struggled to find proper chest support for my active workouts. In high school, when I ran track and cross country, that meant layering two or three ill-fitting sports bras together; now, while there’s a better selection out there, I must make a lose-lose choice: Do I dial back my routine's intensity to avoid bouncing in a sporty little bralette? Or suffer through high-impact exercise in something uncomfortably tight and restrictive?

Credit: Courtesy of Lululemon

These were all complaints Lululemon heard when conceptualizing the Enlite. “We wanted to get to the heart of how women want to feel in their sports bra,” says the label’s innovation product manager, Alexandra Plante. “So in developing the project, we challenged the traditional belief that reducing breast movement is what provides comfort and high performance.” Fun fact? The way breasts react to running and jumping is more complicated than you might think: up and down, side to side, or in a circular motion. To accommodate these subtleties, the team behind the company’s innovative Whitespace lab in Vancouver avoided using straight lines and hard edges (what human shape has those?) to create a style that reacts to your chest, as opposed to just tamping it down. “This bra embraces your natural movement in a way that doesn’t compromise on performance, comfort, or beauty. It works with, not against you.”

Credit: Courtesy of Lululemon

Now, after more than two years of careful refinement, one final test remains: 45 minutes of drills with a room full of fitness- and fashion-obsessed women. As we get to it, a lot of thoughts start to cross my mind (Don’t forget to text mom back! Do I know that blonde girl in the purple leggings? This workout definitely justifies an extra large latte on the way home.)—but not one has to do with the real estate between my shoulders. In fact, the sensation of my undergarments so completely disappears from my headspace that later I'm at a loss of descriptions to write this review. But hey, I’ll take it—in every color, please.

Visit lululemon.com to shop the style (available in magnum, marvel, and black for $98 each) today.