Lucy Hale Switched Up Her Go-To Purse With This Affordable $78 Crossbody One

ECOMM: The $78 Bag Lucy Hale Carries When She’s Not Wearing Her Favorite Louis Vuitton
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I am a firm believer that a purse should, first and foremost, be spacious. After all, Mary Poppins didn't lug around that magical tapestry bag of hers just so we would downsize to comically minuscule purses too small to even sufficiently house a tube of Chapstick decades later. Fictional or not, the woman walked so we could run. So as a lifelong fan of the practical purse, when I see a celebrity in the same camp, I can't help but appreciate their grounded-in-reality taste.

And this is where Lucy Hale comes in. Since social distancing began, Hale has been spotted doing normal people things such as walking her adorable dog and going on grocery runs. Stars — they're just like us! But while doing so, she kept her hand-painted Louis Vuitton crossbody bag nearby, wearing it with pretty much everything.

Since then, she's switched over to an even more practical bag: Lululemon's All Night Festival Bag, which just so happens to be an online exclusive and not to mention, nearly $1,900 less than the one she was previously toting on repeat.

ECOMM: The $78 Bag Lucy Hale Carries When She’s Not Wearing Her Favorite Louis Vuitton
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It's safe to say Hale's new go-to bag checks all my boxes for qualifying as a very good purse (read: spacious enough to lose things in). The carry-all tote is made with all the convenient features you'd expect from the staple athleisure brand, including plenty of storage from deep zippered pockets and a smaller one inside meant for keeping your tinier belongings safely stowed.

While the actress has been wearing hers as a crossbody, it also features a removable strap so you can throw it over your shoulder just the same. True to its name, the All Night Festival Bag is designed to be worn "on the move" and thanks to its water-repellent fabric, should be able to weather whatever the day brings your way.

Sure, tiny bags are cute and all, but functionality goes a long way. You can take a note from Hale and head to Lululemon to shop the affordable purse she's been wearing on repeat that's fit for all your summer adventures.

All Night Festival Bag Online Only 5L

Shop now: $78;

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