These two fashion icons clearly have the same taste when it comes to clothes.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated May 05, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
Credit: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

We've definitely had days where we thought we picked out the perfect outfit, only to realize later on that we're basically dressed like an old timey train conductor, a '90s pop star, or — gasp — our parents (dad shirts are having a moment right now). And celebrities sometimes suffer the same fate. In the past, we've seen Jordyn Woods channel The Nanny, and noticed that '90s Julia Roberts looked a lot like Emily Ratajkowski. More recently, it's been Lucy Hale's fashion choices that have caught our eye. Why have we never noticed that she and Jennifer Aniston are essentially style twins?

Both women make the most out of wardrobe essentials, consistently breaking out classic pairs of jeans and simple tank tops. They've hit the red carpet in a variety of black dresses, and even gravitate toward similar workout gear. The resemblance is uncanny, but Hale isn't alone in (possibly) feeling inspired by the Friends star. Remember when Selena Gomez straight-up copied one of Aniston's best looks?

Ahead, we've rounded up a few times that Hale's outfit reminded us of something Aniston wore.

They Both Love Green Pants

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And, what better to pair with those babies than a simple white tank top?

They've Transformed Their Outfit With Layers

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A short-sleeved tee can give even the sexiest dress a casual twist.

They Demonstrate How Strappy Black Dresses Are Timeless

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Just complete the look heeled sandals, and bam — it's a winning combo in 1997, 2014, and 2020.

We've Seen Them Both in Cranberry Suits

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One woman went whimsical with neckties and polka dots, while the other skipped a shirt and showed some skin.

They've Proven That Basics Are Anything But

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No matter the shoe choice, both stars can make a black tank and jeans look like a million bucks.

In Fact, They Seem to Have the Same Go-To Outfit

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They've relied on this combo numerous times, simply switching up the color of their top.

Leather Leggings? These Two Are On Board

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Whether they're worn with heels or lace-up boots, they've convinced us to invest in these comfy pants.

They Don't Underestimate an Average T-Shirt Dress

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Hale showed us that a pair of espadrilles can turn it into a cute summer outfit, while Aniston made hers work for cooler temps with tights and heels.

All-Black Outfits Are Perfect When You're On the Go

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Then, you can amp it up with statement sneakers and a shoulder bag. The fact that Hale's outfit is from 2018 while Aniston's is from 2004 further proves it's a no-fail look.

These Women Have Even Opted For Similar Hairstyles

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They both thought to part their ponytails and throw on hoops while wearing black and white.

Hale and Aniston Each Have a Beige Coat in Their Closet

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While just as versatile as black options, this color choice stands out in a crowd.

Lucy Styles Black Jackets With Jeans and So Does Jen

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The actresses often go with classic designs, rather than reaching for trendier pieces.

Denim Jackets Come in Handy When Heading to the Gym

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They're perfect for throwing on with your leggings or even tying around your waist.

Is It Just Us, Or Are These Red Carpet Dresses Super Similar?

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Black, mid-length, with eye-catching details at the hip — Hale and Aniston were both into it.

They Know How to Mix Things Up

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Instead of wearing a boring black suit, they paired blazers with matching jeans and heels, creating something that's effortless yet elevated.