She's taking jetset style to a whole new level.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Jan 08, 2020 @ 6:00 pm
Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty

On top of giving us a handful of inspirational tunes, Lizzo has become a true style icon. Over the past year or so, the singer/rapper has inspired us to invest in a bunch of bodysuits, dared us to show off our thongs, and, of course, made us want to carry around the tiniest purses ever.

But, if you think the star saves all her over-the-top fashion choices for the red carpet and the stage, think again. Even her airport looks are elaborate and fun. Aside from the time she boarded a plane wearing the same Marc Jacobs coat she wore to the Met Gala, Lizzo is frequently spotted with eye-catching accessories ahead of takeoff. It's a key part of her travel outfits — and, honestly, we're trying to follow in her footsteps.

Credit: Splash News

Lizzo definitely made a statement in this layered look, which consisted of a floral, short-sleeved shirt styled over a dress. Still, we couldn't stop staring at her Moschino Washing Machine bag — which opens in the front and even has a knob — as well as her embellished sunglasses.

Credit: Splash News

We love all things comfy-cozy, and it seems like Lizzo does, too. But while she stuck with a Gucci hoodie, bike shorts, and sneakers for this particular trip, she still carried a small Fendi bucket bag, which stood out thanks to that neon trim.

Credit: Backgrid

Another casual pairing (also from Moschino) styled with attention-grabbing shades. We're very much into the artist's tortoiseshell sunglasses which also feature a slight cat-eye. They're simple and timeless, yet far from boring.

Do not let Lizzo's coat distract you: Her stuffed animal deserves its time to shine, too. We also appreciate the fact that Lizzo does carry an extra-large tote from time to time. They can't all be cute and miniature — even stars need bags that fit a lot of stuff!