Here's hoping they pop up in the reboot.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Aug 28, 2019 @ 5:30 pm
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When news first broke that Lizzie McGuire was being rebooted for Disney+, we gasped. Another show that defined our childhood and pre-teen years was making a return? The show that perfectly covered awkward, relatable topics, such as looking cute for picture day, buying your first bra, and having an intense crush on the popular kid? The same one that introduced us to the lovable Hilary Duff? Yep, it's happening, folks, and to put it quite simply, this is what dreams are made of — especially for those of us who considered Lizzie to be a style icon.

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While the middle schooler’s outfits were always a bit … over-the-top, frequently including extra accessories and multiple prints, we still look back at them in awe. Somehow, Duff made wearing flower hair clips, sequined scarves, and graphic T-shirts (all at the same time) look cute and quirky, and we wouldn’t mind if Lizzie kept her signature aesthetic in these new episodes, too. At the very least, she should bring back her must-have accessory, AKA a choker.

Not to put any pressure on the costume designer, but we've gone ahead and compiled some looks that we want to see again (including the hat and plaid pants combo, above). Hey, Kate Sanders already called Lizzie an outfit repeater — she might as well repeat the best of the best.

A Matchy-Matchy Moment

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Listen, if Lizzie was a pro at anything, it was finding accessories that perfectly matched her shirt and pants. The girl loved a monochromatic look — which is still on-trend for 2019 (just sayin').

A Statement Choker

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Looking back at the outfits from the show, chokers were included in almost all them. Fingers crossed that Lizzie breaks out her favorite accessory at some point during the reboot.

So Much Sparkle

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The early '00s were big for bedazzled style, and Lizzie's wardrobe was full of sequined and rhinestoned pieces.

All the Accessories

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One small addition was never enough for this middle schooler — it was all the things, all the time. While some might have shied away from wearing both a headband and a flower clip with their shiny statement tee, Lizzie just went for it and managed to pull it off.

Cute Casual Options

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What gray sweatpants? Lizzie's hoodies were a sweet shade of pink, and she made sure to pair them with baby blue T-shirts, too.

Mixed Prints

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A metallic pink, Zebra-type shirt with pink floral pants? Lizzie was a fan. We're looking forward to seeing how she takes this style move into adulthood.

A Very '00s Outfit

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Listen, bubble skirts are back. It's only a matter of time before terrycloth resurfaces, too.

Fancy Tops

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Some of Lizzie's outfits were more casual than others, but even her staples had a bit of flare...err...flair.

Graphic T-Shirts and Colorful Pants

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Graphic tees sure were confusing back in the day (so many "baby," "cutie," and "princess" sayings!), but maybe this character will continue to send us messages through her clothes, just like Mila Kunis.

A White Button-Down

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And please, let paint splatter all over it. It's a classic Lizzie move.

Her Full Pop Star Look

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Even if Lizzie doesn't take the stage in something silver, can we at least get an update on her famous look-a-like, Isabella Parigi?