I'm a 38DD and This Bralette Is So Supportive (Yet Comfortable), It Rivals My Underwire Bras

And that’s after I wore it for a 16-hour travel day. 

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I'm a 38dd and This Bralette is So Supportive, It Rivals My Underwire Bras
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Except for a sports bra when I'm working out, I have not left the house without the support of an underwire bra maybe ever. As a 38DD it's just incredibly uncomfortable and painful, not to mention how unkempt it makes me, specifically, look.

But last month, as I was preparing for my first international trip in three years, the idea of a 16-hour travel day spent in a bra was upsetting. It was then that I remembered that Lively, a brand that makes bras I fall asleep in, had recently gifted me the Spacer bralette, and I decided I would wear it for my upcoming flight.

I traveled only with a carry-on, so I was comfortable with my decision; god forbid the bralette began to destroy my life, I could simply grab an underwire bra from the overhead bin and go on with my journey. My imagined best case scenario involved periodically readjusting the straps and the occasional slippage of an entire breast from one of the cups. But even in the chaos and stress of traveling, I did not once think to myself "dear god why did I pick this moment to experiment with a bralette?"

The Spacer Bra

Shop now: $45; wearlively.com

The spacer is billed as the midway point between athleisure and lingerie — it's composed of nylon and spandex, which made it feel like it was working in harmony with the movement of my body. The straps can also be tightened from the front, which is such a simple yet genius solution that I can't believe is not the norm for bras. While I opt to wear the straps straight down my back, there is also a hook, should you want to convert it to a racerback style for a more sporty vibe.

I truly forgot that I had even made the swap until hours into the flight when I realized there was no underwire digging into my ribcage. I honestly was so thrilled with the bra, I would have continued to wear it every day of my two-week trip if it weren't for my lack of access to a laundry machine.

I thought about the bra so fondly that half way through my trip, I decided to handwash it in the sink so that it could once again grace my body. Some nights, I am stirred awake by the memory of the comfort of the fabric working in harmony with the movement of my body.

The Spacer is available in five colors including black (my choice) and a beige-ish white, and sizes range from 32A to 38DD. Head to Lively to shop the bralette in your size.

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