this waitlisted eco-friendly bra is so comfy!

This Eco-Friendly Bralette Had a 1,200-Person Waitlist Before It Even Launched

There was so much anticipation around this ultra comfy bra.
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The bra struggle is all too real. There are some things people love about the wardrobe essential, like its support and shaping powers, and there are other things people hate, like the uncomfortable pinching, poking, and digging. Some search for years to find The One, while others just live with a subpar pick. But here's our take: Life's too short to wear an ill-fitting bra, and that's probably why more than 1,200 people (virtually) lined up to scoop up Lively's newest undergarment addition.

The demand for a comfy bra that you're not dying to take off at the end of the day has always been there, but add in the fact that Lively's newest bralettes are both eco-friendly and affordable, and well, you have the makings of a must-buy. Aside from the differing necklines, the Deep V Bralette and the Straight Up Bralette are very similar — both are made from 81 percent recycled polyester, have lightly molded cups, and ring in at a very reasonable $35. 

These additions are part of Lively's Eco Style Series, which dropped in early September after months of anticipation from customers. Even before launching, the sustainable range amassed an impressive waitlist, which is already quite impressive in and of itself. 

But such anticipation is nothing new for Lively, a brand long-known for its game-changing bras and undies. When it launched the Busty Bralette in 2017, it sold out in under 24 hours and quickly racked up a 3,000-person waitlist, while its Spacer Bra amassed a 5,000-person waitlist before its release. The new eco-friendly bralettes, though, are bound to be just as popular given that sustainable fashion has been gaining major momentum in recent years.

They're available in sizes XS to L and three fall-perfect colors — toasted almond, harbor green, and black. Shop the comfy styles, below, and get ready to fall in love with bras again. Bonus: Lively is giving away a free denim tote with each purchase right now (no promo code needed), so really, you have all the incentive you need. New bra, new tote, who this?

Lively The Eco Deep V Bralette Toasted Almond
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Shop now: $35;

Lively The Eco Straight Up Bralette Harbor Green
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Shop now: $35;