The Luxe Sweats J.Lo, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kim Kardashian All Wear Are Actually Totally Worth It

I tested the designer loungewear J.Lo wears with Birkin bags.

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Les Tien Sweats
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It takes a specific breed of brand to attract the undivided attention of Hollywood's finest. Naturally, Chanel, Prada, and Bottega Veneta make the list, but what could possibly be so special about a pair of sweats to cause as much celebrity fanfare? As a reformed never-sweats-er, this question has plagued my mind

Since Les Tien positively popped off during the pandemic, the loungewear label has inspired a level of A-list devotion scarcely found elsewhere. Jennifer Lopez has been seen pairing her sweat sets from the brand with exorbitant Birkin bags. Sarah Jessica Parker practically refuses to wear any other between-takes outfit while on set for And Just Like That. Every last one of the Kardashian-Jenners has selfied, storied, and sung Les Tien's praises, as have both Hadid sisters. And Hailey Bieber, January Jones, and — with particular enthusiasm — Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have all demonstrated their love for the cozy brand.

So, why these sweats? To find out, I decided I had to experience first-hand how the other half chills.

Les Tien's unique cuts first tipped me off to the fact that the celebs were secretly banding together over the brand. While crewneck sweatshirts and hoodies are offered by virtually every clothing company (even more so since the great stay-at-homing of 2020), very few produce sweats silhouettes as sophisticated as Les Tien's Yacht Pullover, featuring floppy, overlapping lapels, or its Mock Neck Raglan that lends a more tailored look and snug feel. Les Tien offers the more traditional cuts, too, but even those surprise and delight in the details; take for instance its Heavyweight Hoodie with gold-plated cobrax grommets outlining the hood's drawstring holes.

Les Tien Heavyweight Yacht Pullover

Les Tien sweats

Shop now: $253;

When the Heavyweight Yacht Pullover and Heavyweight Classic Sweatpant that I picked out in vintage black (a tough choice — there are eight neutral and pazazz-y color options available) arrived, my first thought was how tall the pieces stacked when folded on top of each other. The brushed cotton fleece doesn't skimp at all on heft, a quality I didn't know I needed, having mostly experienced thinner sweats in the past.

Worn, Les Tiens' thickness insulates while retaining cotton's signature breathability. I ordered my usual unisex sizing (sized down from women's), which fit perfectly at the wrists, waist, and inseam while being roomy and unconstricting, offering total mobility (perfect for all the couch gymnastics I do, of course). The set felt like a soft, fibrous cocoon I could step into and disappear forever, contentedly bundled with nothing but HBO Max and Seamlessed ramen by my side.

Except, something funny happened while I was wearing my Les Tiens. Blame it on the horde of bold celebrities who've adopted theirs as outdoor clothes, or the on-site styling with loafers (chic!), but for the first time ever, I was compelled to wear sweats in public. The shape and fit of the set was particularly flattering, especially at the waist and hips — there's a reason Kim K and Kylie keep posting in theirs — and despite their casual nature, they looked downright luxurious enough that it would have been a waste not to show them off to the world.

But while the sweats passed the so-comfy-I-could-die test, broadened my horizons, and extended me the smugness of a person who's in on a celebrity secret (of enormous value, tbh), they're admittedly pretty pricey. Sweatpants start at $154, sweatshirts at $220, and tees go for a bit less, around $95. The brand's most exclusive option, its cashmere lounge sets, are just shy of $2,000 for a full two-piece fit.

If you're looking to invest a bit more than usual in a pair of next-level sweats with special details and super snug materials — after all, sweats usage is higher than ever before — there's no better option than Les Tien.

Shop the best Les Tien sweats below.

Les Tien Heavyweight Classic Sweatpant

Les Tien sweats

Shop now: $154;

Les Tien Heavyweight Mock Neck Raglan

Les Tien sweats

Shop now: $198;

Les Tien Heavyweight Yacht Short

Les Tien sweats

Shop now: $163;

Les Tien Heavy Gauge Cashmere Hoodie

Les Tien sweats

Shop now: $990;

Les Tien Heavy Gauge Cashmere Lounge Pant

Les Tien sweats

Shop now: $946;

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