Leopard Skirt Instagram Account
Credit: Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Fleece vests that are beloved by businessmen. A classic gingham button-down. Literally anything tie-dye. We're not entirely sure how a specific item or trend enters the world and then immediately begins popping up everywhere, but the same sort of phenomenon is currently happening with the leopard midi skirt. And now, there's an Instagram account dedicated to this must-have piece.

Simply called @leopardmidiskirt, the account has started sharing photos of the animal-printed option in the wild: shots of women wearing leopard midis while crossing the street, taking selfies, and twinning with a friends populate the page. We knew this trend was a big one — heck, even Selena Gomez owns the Réalisation Par version — but seeing all of these examples in one place? Whoa. It just further proves just how popular leopard midi skirts are.

The account is all in good fun, of course. Like we mentioned before, certain pieces just gain cult followings, and, at the very least, we now have a decent amount of inspiration to solve future outfit dilemmas. Take a look at some of what @leopardmidiskirt has shared so far. We're sure there will be even more examples coming soon.

The leopard midi skirt has been spotted on the street.

The piece makes for a stylish selfie.

It's definitely a summer must-have.