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Lara Stone Frame Collection Lead
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You know Dutch model Lara Stone from her sweep of coveted spots on high-fashion runways (Givenchy, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Balmain—to name a few). You know her from her starring role in unforgettable campaigns that range from Givenchy to H&M. You know her for her perfectly imperfect "anti-model" attitude. You know her because she's among the supermodel greats.

And now, you're going to know her as a designer. She partnered up with Frame founders Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson and launched a nine-piece capsule collection that's part playful, part street-chic, and part sporty. Goth letters spelling out "Lara," "Livid Lara," or "Stone" are scrawled across the front or sleeves of hoodies and bombers; favorite silhouettes like inky skinnies, high-waist straight-fit, and frayed cut-offs are given custom Lara-approved washes (some faded, some slightly distressed), and relaxed sweatshirts are saturated in bright orange.

"I love what Jens and Erik have created at Frame. It all came about very organically, all three of us were just chatting about it one day and all thought it would be a fun thing to do something together," Stone tells us. "My personal style is a lot for more street wear so that's why the collection has that particular focus on that genre. My everyday look is usually me in a pair jeans and a hoodie."

The Lara Stone x Frame collection (priced between $179 and $349) is available starting today at frame-store.com. Scroll through to see Stone modeling her own designs and shop them all.

Lara Stone Frame Collection 1
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Lara hoodie, $199; frame-store.com. Le Lara Skinny Satine, $219; frame-store.com.

Lara Stone Frame Collection 2
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Stone bomber, $349; frame-store.com. Le Lara Original, $235; frame-store.com.

Lara Stone Frame Collection 3
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Stone bomber, $349; frame-store.com. Le Lara Original skirt, $199; frame-store.com.