Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande Gave the Best Mask Inspo at the VMAs, Obviously

And you can shop similar shimmering styles at just $3.
By Summer Cartwright
Aug 31, 2020 @ 2:15 pm
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Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande are the public health officials we need in 2020, and they proved that performing live at the MTV Video Music Awards while wearing their damn face masks, Karen. 

Gaga — also known as our mom — said “coronavirus, hold my awards,” as she changed in and out of five different face mask looks throughout the awards show, proving each time that you can, in fact, look really cool while protecting the health and safety of yourself and others around you. We love a socially conscious queen. Perhaps her biggest impact of the night (aside from performing a nine-minute finale that will be forever ingrained into our undeserving minds) was demonstrating the necessity of a rhinestoned, jeweled-up, shimmering face mask in everyday life. 

She wore a sparkling silver mask with two different looks, and suddenly we are on the hunt for bedazzling machines. 

And just as she was vocally for “Rain on Me,” Grande came in with the assist by also wearing a shiny face mask style. Grande even demonstrated how to properly adjust a fallen mask mid-performance, using her gifted fingers to place the mask above her nose. The gift, and the grace, of an angel. 

One twitter user summed up this cultural reset perfectly. 

“Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande wearing masks at the VMAs have done more for public health than the president,” wrote @kevinmaisto.

Speaking truth to power, Gaga even encouraged the public to wear face masks during an acceptance speech. “I might sound like a broken record but wear a mask,” she said. “It's a sign of respect.”

Now if only there were a world leader out there that could follow suit. 

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Regardless, Gaga and Ari wearing these face masks, and encouraging others to do the same, is a record we would like to listen to again and again. And when Miss Chromatica herself tells us to do something, we do it — and we use her as inspiration. So we found nine shimmering, shining face masks out there that you can shop now. They start at just $3. 

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