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May 24, 2016 @ 1:00 pm

I have a confession for you all: even though I live in the land of fancy-shmancy expensive doughnuts, my favorite doughnut of all time is still Krispy Kreme's plain glazed, especially if it's hot and fresh off the little doughnut assembly line. This may be heresy in Portland, but I'd take a Krispy Kreme over a Voodoo any freaking day. (If I do feel the need for a very fancy, very elaborate doughnut, I'll head to Blue Star; their creme brulee doughnut has a pipette of Grand Marnier.) 

Anyway, my point is I freaking love Krispy Kreme and I'd wear the eff out of these Krispy Kreme shoes.

This shouldn't be that surprising, as doughnuts are basically 85% of my "brand."


Unlike light of my life/Sneaker Artist Tynan Sinks, I don't usually know what Nike is doing, but they officially have my attention with this these. Speaking of Tynan and his awesome sneaker customization skills, let's peek his Instagram real quick, shall we?


Now that you're done gasping at Tynan's shoes, let's get back to these doughnut shoes. It appears they won't be available in any actual brick-and-mortar stores, but in a truck filled with shoes and doughnuts, so keep an eye out for that. (Apparently these kicks also have something to do with basketball and Kyrie Irving, if you are into that kind of thing.)

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This is far from the first fashion/style/food collaboration, nor will it be the last. Each one is intriguing in its own right, though some are more successful than others. On the beauty front, KFC Hong Kong is currently offering fried chicken-flavored nail polish, which is available in both "Original" and "Hot and Spicy."


According to those who have managed to get this finger-lickin' polish on their actual fingers, the stuff really does taste like chicken, which is both extremely interesting from a scientific/formulation perspective and mildly disturbing from every other perspective.

If doughnuts and fried chicken aren't your thing, perhaps you would prefer some millennial-targeted Pizza Hut Swag?


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This is very "how do you do,  fellow kids?"


Perfect for greasy hair days.


"Just write the word in different fonts. Kids love their fonts." — marketing guy.

I'd be lying if I told you I didn't have any Pizza Hut-branded gear in my closet, but it's mostly just big t-shirts that I sleep in (they are very comfy).

If there is one weird food brand beauty item I regret not having in my life, it's that Burger King Whopper perfume that came out in Japan last year. Though one reviewer called it "truly, unspeakably terrible," I really wanted it for my vanity, where I could gaze upon it lovingly as I got ready for the day.


Circling back to Nike, this isn't their first food-inspired sneaker. Back in April,they released these chicken and waffle beauties, and you can still get your sticky fingers on them for $110, if you so wish.

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What do you all think of these crazy collabs? Would you rather have doughnut or waffle shoes? Personally, I'm thinking it would be cool to wear the fried chicken nail polish with the waffle shoes and just go super hard with the theme.

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