By Andrea Cheng
Updated Nov 04, 2016 @ 8:15 pm
Kith x Iro Collab - Lead
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Between celebrities launching their own clothing lines (see: Zendaya) and news of joint design collaborations with major brands (Rihanna's Fenty x Puma, Gigi's Tommy Hilfiger collection), it takes a lot in this industry to get noticed without the help of Hollywood stardom. But we'd like to direct your attention to this unlikely fashion mash-up that we're very excited about: the Kith x Iro collaboration that unites NYC-based Kith and its downtown-cool streetwear sensibility with Parisian brand Iro's high-fashion aesthetic. And the result is really, really good.

Available starting today at, the men's and women's designs comprise soft hoodies (did you hear? We're really into hoodies), bomber jackets with shredded cuffs, enveloping shearling-lined moto-style coats, and easy sweatshirts with neat lace-up detailing. Unexpected, yes, but it magically works, especially with today's mood for all things street-chic.

"The partnership with Iro was very organic," says Ronnie Fieg, the man behind Kith. "I met their team in Paris during Fashion Week and was immediately in love with the quality of their product, especially the fabrics they use. From there it was about translating their unique design language through the Kith lens in a way that could resonate with both the Iro and the Kith customer. I believe the end result is a strong statement on what is considered 'high fashion' today, as the lines continue to be blurred. Kith and Iro share this vision, which has culminated into this beautiful assortment of product."

Scroll through to see the rest of the campaign and then head to to shop the merch (priced between $235 for a sweatshirt and $2,495 for a shearling coat), also available at Kith stores and Bergdorf Goodman in NYC).

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