Hello, Versace? Yeah, we'll take 10 of these.

There are outfits and then there are outfits — looks so iconic we don't merely love them, but still think about them years later. It's possible that, for Kim Kardashian, a certain 1996 Versace look fell into the latter category, as the star decided to bring it back while hosting a KKW Beauty dinner.

Kardashian revealed on her Instagram story on Thursday that her black button-down and silver sequin skirt were actually vintage-inspired, and thanked Versace for making them for her. She then shared a photo of the original outfit on Shalom Harlow, who modeled it the runway that year. Of course, Kardashian — who has made a habit of channeling throwback fashion — managed to give things a quick 2019 update, swapping out the original buckled slingbacks for more on-trend, heeled flip-flops.

Kim Kardashian Vintage Versace Skirt
Credit: Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Overall, it was the perfect pairing to bring back for an event. It's simple yet fun, and further proves that '90s trends are here to stay. And why wouldn't they be when they look this good?