"They just make me feel really snatched," she says.

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Kim Kardashian - Lead
Credit: Raymond Hall/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, Kim Kardashian's first collection of bodysuits, briefs, and shorts from her new shapewear brand Skims became available to purchase. As expected, her fans freaked out over the launch. And by freaked out, I mean that they purchased $2 million worth of products in minutes. Now Kardashian is releasing another item for her fans: a waist trainer.

Kim Kardashian has worn waist trainers for years, despite reservations from doctors and fitness experts. "First of all, it doesn’t look very good," AKT InMotion's Anna Kaiser told InStyle.com when Kardashian first started promoting waist trainers on her Instagram. "And second of all, they stopped wearing corsets hundreds of years ago because of the damage they do to your body, rib cages and hips and all of that!"

That hasn't stopped Kim from wearing and now selling the body-hugging bands. She was one of the first celebs to reveal a waist trainer was a part of her daily routine, and she explains that it's the gift she gives all of her friends after they've given birth.

In the Instagram video, Kim explains that her Skims waist trainer isn't like others because it's not rubber-based, hard to get on, or suffocating. "They just make me feel really snatched," Kardashian explains in the clip above. "I just wear a waist trainer when I really feel like I need to get it together. When I really want to train my waist."