We're not sure Sabrina Spellman would approve.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Apr 08, 2019 @ 5:15 pm
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If you’ve already binge-watched the second season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, it’s likely you gasped at least once during those nine episodes. Partially because of all the love triangles and near-death experiences, but also because of the outfits, which were pretty noteworthy as well.

"The fashion definitely gets edgier and darker, and I think that’s something that people are going to dig,” Sabrina Spellman herself, Kiernan Shipka, told us ahead of an event at The Wing in NYC. However, she notes the teen witch still has her signature accessory: a black headband. "It’s not going anywhere,” she jokes. "I think it’s glued down to her head. There are a couple of scenes where it’s not on — but just a couple.”

Although the Netflix show sticks to a retro theme when it comes to clothing (there are collared knits and loafers aplenty), Kiernan herself is a 19-year-old living in 2019. So, we decided to ask the star to weigh in on some current “Gen-Z” trends, and thankfully, she was more than willing to give us her honest opinion (especially when it came to confessing her love for fanny packs).

Thick-Soled Sneakers

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"Oh, I’m all about it. Bring it on. I don’t wear the Balenciagas — they literally feel like ankle weights [to me], and are a little too big for functioning. They're also a very expensive shoe, and I think I’d spend money on something else. But, honestly, I’m all about a sneaker, or a big shoe, or a silly looking shoe. Bring it on!"

Tiny Sunglasses

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"If you can make them work...god bless you. You know what I mean? I personally don’t dabble in the tiny sunglasses trend, because I don’t think that they’re for me, but if you can make them work? Man, go for it."

Fanny Packs

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“Oh yes. Oh, that’s a hell yes. That’s a big yes. Convenient, stylish, ironic — all the things."

Bike Shorts

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"I am an enthusiastic person, so I’m going to go with yes. But if there is one trend that I was to say no on…I don’t want to tell people what to wear or what to do, but bike shorts remind me too much of biking to wear. I vibe with some athleisure, but I would probably draw the line at bike shorts. Just a little…not my vibe. Very sporty."

Hawaiian Shirts

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"Did they ever leave? I grew up in LA. I don’t think they ever left and I think they can stay. You look like you always got back from vacation — they’re a hit! They’re a hit."

Sexy Cardigans


"I’m kind of into it. If I’m wearing a cardigan, I’m usually just wearing that as the top. 100 percent. Let’s make cardigans sexy again."


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"Yes. Every day. All the time. I mean, I was doing it when I was 10 in Juicy Couture, and I’m doing it now...not in Juicy Couture."

Bucket Hats

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"Ok, so, bucket hats kind of remind me of Yung Lean. He was like, a really a really random rapper from Europe who wore these bucket hats, carried an AriZona Iced Tea bottle, and has really funny songs. I don’t personally partake because I just feel too much like Yung Lean, but, I love a bucket hat. I think they’re adorable, they just don’t really serve me anymore. Memories!"

The Spring Trend She’s Loving

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"I just got these pants where both legs are different colors — like, a two-tone pant. One leg is gray, and then [the other is] a darker gray. I’m very about a two-tone. Something subtle. Not like, red and green, but…I’m into it. Or mismatched earrings. Anything that’s kind of just playing around with what you would expect."