If Kendall Jenner Told Us She Got This Top From Limited Too, We'd Believe Her


Kendall Jenner One Shoulder Top
Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Just when we thought we'd seen the return of everything '90s — tiny sunglasses, bucket hats, fanny packs, etc. — an It girl steps out and reveals that, no, wait, there's more. So was the case when Kendall Jenner was spotted in LA on Thursday. As she shielded her eyes from the sun, we got the perfect view of her green, one-shoulder top, which looked like something straight out of Limited Too.

Or Aéropostale. Or Arden B. There were plenty of places we could have gotten one of these babies back in the day, but the point is, we haven't really seen them in years.

Kendall Jenner One Shoulder Top

Of course, Kendall modernized her look a little bit, layering her gold necklaces and pairing the statement-making, shoulder-tie shirt with baggy, ripped jeans. That bag, on the other hand? The logo may say Louis Vuitton, but if it was Dooney & Bourke, we honestly wouldn't have questioned it. All Kendall really needs is a visor and a Baby-G watch to truly convince us that we've time-traveled.

VIDEO: Kendall Jenner Just Matched Her Thong to Her Bucket Hat

The question is: Is Kendall working on bringing back back this trend — much like she did the cardigan — right in time for summer? Only time will tell, but we'll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled.

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