Moschino x Barbie Exclusive - LEAD

Remember last year's Moschino Barbie? Of course you do. It made headlines for selling outso fast that designer Jeremy Scott could hardly believe it himself. And now, he's back for round two with a new Moschino Barbie—plus a look for Ken(!), making it the first time any designer has dressed the male doll.

But instead of simply outfitting the duo in mini Moschino looks that feature signature design elements, Scott chose to pay tribute to a personal fashion memory that happened IRL: when he and his date, model Stella Maxwell, slayed the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet. He wore: a rainbow-striped tux (sans shirt, natch). She wore: a black velvet graffiti-tagged gown from the brand's fall 2015 collection.

We chatted with the designer about the significance of red carpet moment, why he wanted to dress Ken, and fun facts about the two looks. Scroll through to read his answers and to watch Barbie and Ken make their red carpet stroll. Then don't forget to buy the Barbie gift set before it sells out—it will be available for $200 starting at midnight tonight at and

Why did you choose this particular red carpet moment?
"Well, this may be the second time I'm doing a Moschino collector's Barbie, but it’s not my first time at the Barbie rodeo! What I felt was different and significant this time: referencing an actual moment from my life by doing a nod to the looks that I wore with real-life Barbie Stella Maxwell to the MTV Video Music Awards last year. Also, with this being the first Ken doll I designed, it seemed befitting for him to be modeled after my iconic tux and no shirt red-carpet look!"

Barbie + Ken Moschino - EMBED
Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty

Was it hard to narrow down which moment?
"There was some strong competition as I’ve done some really fun and iconic red carpet moments recently, but these looks also packed a powerful emotional punch for me, as I not only designed the looks we wore, but I designed the red carpet and the moon man for last year's MTV VMAs—it was one of my proudest moments, so I'm capturing some of that emotion with this as well!"

What did you want to do differently this time around? Or the same?
"To paraphrase the little boy who starred in our video clip from last year: Moschino Barbie was so fierce, she sold out in less than one hour! So I wanted to do something of a game-changer. We went from very iconic Moschino signature elements of gold chains, quilted leather, and a biker bag to focusing on one memorable moment, which felt very fresh. Bringing in Ken this time was particularly exciting as well since it is the first time he has been styled by a fashion designer ever!"

Why did you want to include Ken? Do you think this is the riskiest look/outfit he’s ever worn?
"It honestly evolved naturally from my conversations about the idea of capturing an iconic red carpet moment I had designed and many of the options had myself as part of the equation—and I have been known to wear some daring looks on the red carpet and beyond. But, remember, Ken debuted in a pair of swim trunks and nothing else? So he's actually more covered up than usual. And he did go through that phase of being in a new wave band in the late '80s—Barbie and the Rockers ring a bell for ya?"

Are there any fun facts about the Barbie + Ken designs that we wouldn’t know just from looking at it?
"The gown Barbie is wearing originally appeared in the fall 2015 Moschino show. The model Anna Ewers walked it down the runway and looked incredible. As for the tuxedo Ken is wearing, the print was inspired by the television test signal stripes that would come on the TV when the networks would sign off at night."

Will there be another collaboration down the line?
"As I have done many things with my Cali muse over the years, one would be remiss to think that I would not!"