And even better, it comes in sizes 0 to 24.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Jun 25, 2019 @ 11:45 am
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Each season comes with its fair share of fashion struggles, but putting together the perfect summer outfit is a different kind of rough. On one hand, you're trying to stay cool and not sweat through your clothing. On the other, you still want to look cute. Enter Katie Sturino, here to save the day and solve this particular dilemma. The blogger behind The 12ish Style (not to mention, founder of the much-loved beauty brand Megababe) has collaborated with Stitch Fix on a breezy, vacation-inspired collection, which ranges from size 0 to 24.


"People think that dressing for summer is easy, but I actually think dressing well in the summer is pretty hard," she tells InStyle over coffee, revealing that these pieces were inspired by her upcoming honeymoon to Italy (and, P.S., Michael Bloomberg just officiated her wedding!). "Because at least in the fall you have a uniform — maybe you're wearing a blazer and jeans or whatever. But it's hard to find good summer clothes that you're not dying of heat in. So for this collection, I really paid attention to materials. I paid attention to the way things felt, breathed. Like, ‘Could I wear this in the subway?’ That kind of thing."

The result was a variety of colorful caftans, vibrantly printed dresses and jumpsuits, and breezy layers.


Now, you might be asking, "Uh, what about those of us who work in an office who want to find that perfect balance between summer-appropriate looks and the need to stay warm, thanks to the always-too-cold AC?"

"I have some things for you in there," Sturino swiftly responds when posed the question. "I have shirts that are breathable that you could tuck into a business skirt, that you could also put a jacket over. But then, after work, you could take that jacket off and you're wearing a really cute summer outfit.”


Sturino says there are also items in the mix that you might find yourself wearing on repeat.

“The red-and-white-striped button down is pretty versatile. And the wrap dresses are super easy. You could wear those wrap dresses to work — there's a navy one, a red one, a yellow one. So you can choose a bright color or you can go a little safe."


While this collaboration — which, the blogger adds, is the first of several — only contains clothing, Sturino does have advice on how to make your summer looks pop.

“I'd wear a headband because that's what's happening right now," she says. "And I would wear big earrings. I would just have fun."


The best news is that everything in Sturino's Stitch Fix collection is under $100 — a price point that even she can't believe. Plus, the blogger open to adding even more sizes to this broad range, should there be a demand for it.

"This is clothing that you want to wear," she tells us. "And clothing that I'm hoping you'll want to wear the summer after this and the summer after that, and that. It's not just a collection that is trendy that you buy once and wear twice.”

We definitely agree.