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Katie Holmes Just Wore This Surprisingly Comfortable Pants Style
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One day, Ariana Grande threw on an oversized sweatshirt with a pair of thigh-high boots, and wearing no pants has never been the same since. And, sure, I hate pants and dressing appropriately for the weather just as much as the next summer-loving person does, but I can’t stay behind Grande’s iconic look once temperatures actually do start to drop. Thankfully, Katie Holmes has found a style solution that even the most weather-averse like myself will want to get behind and, yes, it involves actually wearing pants.

While out at a charity event for Ronald McDonald House Charities in Australia, Holmes wore a light pink Zimmerman suit. At first it may seem like just another one of her very polished, very good looks. And while it definitely is, if you look closer, you’ll notice one very specific, very surprising detail, too. Her incredible wide-leg Zimmerman trousers are actually linen, a fabric that is typically reserved for spring and summertime wear because of its coolness and breathability.

Holmes is in Australia where it’s currently spring, but she still has me questioning why I packed away all of my linen pants once the temperature dipped below 50. Typically, all my linen pieces remind me too much of the beach so while I’m in my summer-mourning period (also known as winter), I can’t bring myself to look at them. And yet here I am, on a rainy 40-degree day in mid-November, staring at this photo of Katie Holmes wearing a light pink linen suit for the past hour.

During this time of year, everyone, myself included, tends to begrudgingly rotate through the same couple pairs of classic jeans. Linen pants are obviously a much more unexpected alternative. And not only will they add some excitement to your daily winter outfit rotation, they’re also not as heavy as some more popular cold weather pant options made of fabrics like velvet, wool or cashmere. So while you can definitely wear wide-leg Zimmerman linen trousers with a matching linen blazer like Holmes did, you can also style them with an oversized sweater without having to worry about overheating.

Since not everyone has seen the linen light like I have, finding a great pair of linen pants that don’t scream summer vacation isn’t easy. Luckily, Holmes’s fancy pair are still in stock at Nordstrom for $595. They’re a bit of a splurge but, as Holmes has convinced me, they’re an investment since you can definitely wear them all year long.

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Zimmermann Super Eight Wide Leg Linen Trousers
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