It might have to do with the price discrepancy we caught at Nordstrom.

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Katie Holmes’s $128 Wide-Leg Jeans Are Already Selling Out
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You’ve probably noticed us noticing Katie Holmes lately, and if so, you’ve probably noticed it’s because she’s been especially noticeable. The cashmere bradigan may have been the whistle that caught our attention, but it’s often her subtler choices that keep it there.

Case in point: Katie Holmes quietly nailed all-encompassing comfy minimalism yesterday when she attended New York Fashion Week in a boxy Wardrobe.Nyc trench, white pussy-bow blouse, Dorateymur black booties, and the wide-leg jeans that we didn’t know we needed — but have now decided are up there with food, water, and shelter.

Normally, at this point in our falling-in-love-with-Katie’s-clothes process, we’d clock the out-of-range price tag and shop around for some close, but not exact, matches. Today, the object of our desire is surprisingly affordable. Katie’s exact jeans are Reformation’s Jackie Ultra High-Waist Wide-Leg Jeans, and they’re just $138.

You may be familiar with Reformation through the brand’s other celebrity fans. Kelly Ripa and Margot Robbie wear its dresses, Emma Roberts wears its jackets, and Emily Ratajkowski wears pretty much everything it’s ever made. The brand is popular for a simple reason: It’s flattering. And Katie’s mile-long legs beneath the swishy denim of the roomy, stove pipe-legged jeans tell us everything we need to know.

What also surprises us about the jeans in addition to how affordable they are, is the fact that they’re still in stock. Katie has the capacity to make a $520 bra set sell out multiple times, so it’s low-key astonishing that her excellent, fiscally responsible jeans haven’t been totally cannibalized by shoppers. At least, not yet.

The jeans, which retail for $138 on Reformation’s site, are also available on Nordstrom for a pleasantly discounted $128. The catch, though, is that they’re only available in four sizes on Nordstrom, leading us to believe the sell-out is already in action. All we can say is, we’re just happy we noticed them in time.

Katie Holmes’s Exact Wide-Leg Jeans Are Miraculously Still in Stock
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