Katie Holmes Wore the Rarest Version of This Explosively Popular Celebrity Sneaker

SJP, Kate Middleton, and Ana de Armas are all fans — but you won’t find Holmes’s style anywhere else.
By Laura Reilly
Feb 16, 2021 @ 2:31 pm
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Sneakerhead culture, as imagined by someone who has worn a pair of Reeboks once this whole pandemic and athletic shoes approximately twice in her whole life before that, is basically just the line outside of Supreme and a bunch of guys being mad about resale sites on Twitter.

Katie Holmes is apparently much more worldly in the scope of her relatable wardrobe, because she just demonstrated that, actually, wearing sneakers — and rare ones at that — is cool and casual and not try-hard or suggestive of an addiction to Complex magazine whatsoever.

On a stroll through New York City on Valentine's Day, of all days, Holmes entrusted a pair of impossible-to-find New Balance 327 Casablanca sneakers to ostensibly lead her into the arms of her lover. In unflappable Holmes style, she wore them with a pair of comfortable, loose trousers, a classic herringbone trench, and an Amazonian green Evolvetogether face mask to match the sneakers' detailing.

The limited-release green version was first launched in April of last year at a retail price of $150. Since becoming one of New Balance's most successful collaborations, the '70s-inspired style derived from the brand's archives has sold out nearly everywhere; Stadium Goods still has a few larger men's sizes in stock starting at $250, and StockX sellers are asking as much as $300 for piecemeal sizes.

Before Holmes wore the uncommon sneakers over the weekend, the only other equally visible public figure to have gotten ahold of the style (albeit the orange and green edition) was Kendall Jenner, who teased the collab in March, a month before the official release.

Less scarce New Balance styles, meanwhile, have abounded across celebrity closets. Seemingly every popular street style subject has been sighted in an NB-emblazoned pair over the past year and earlier. Sarah Jessica Parker, Emily Ratajkowski, Lucy Hale, and Hailey Bieber are among the usual suspects, whereas the less-frequently seen Kate Middleton, Ana de Armas, and Zoe Kravitz have shown themselves to be secret New Balance fans.

It's impossible to pinpoint any one design that's most popular as, between the lot of them, celebrities seem to have worn each and every casual and running New Balance sneaker. Whiteand grey appear to be the common color choices, but punchier varieties have been spotted on Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Richie, Bella Hadid, and Jennifer Garner (a repeat fan of bright salmon).

You might be S.O.L. if you're looking for Holmes's elusive Casablancas unless you're a *checks notes* women's size 16, but boatloads of other New Balances are available on Amazon. Shop some favorites below, and secure your pair before they fall to out-of-stock sneakerhead doom like Katie's.

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