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You Can Now Knit That Famous Katie Holmes Cardigan Set Yourself
Credit: Splash News

We've already spent way too much time thinking about Katie Holmes' Khaite cardigan set, which broke the Internet last August. But now that we're quarantined, rethinking our fashion choices and consistently reaching for comfy-cute clothes that outfit is on our mind once more. We'd love to be wearing that easy, effortless, matchy-matchy look with our favorite pair of leggings. It's acturally kind of perfect for cuddling up on our couch (to work).

However, fans will likely remember that just one part of that now-famous pairing, the cropped cashmere sweater, costs a total $1,540. We sure hate to put a price on comfort, but if that baby is beyond your budget, we did find an alternative you can knit yourself. Wool and the Gang, a company that sells knitting kits for all levels, created the Simone Set for just $150. Should you feel compelled to purchase it, you can now spend your days and nights at home creating a similar bra and cardigan co-ord — for a fraction of the price.

You Can Now Knit That Famous Katie Holmes Cardigan Set Yourself
Credit: Courtesy

We're not saying this project will be easy (it's actually intermediate level, if we're getting specific). But, it might be nice to give those eyes a break from scrolling through Instagram and TikTok for 14 hours each day. Plus, in end, you'll have something fun you can wear once we're allowed back outside...or, at the very least, an honest attempt.