Katie Holmes Has Been Wearing This KN95 Face Mask on Repeat — and It's Finally Back in Stock

She may be the reason the plaid printed mask has been sold out.

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Katie Holmes Maskc Mask
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Katie Holmes has been wearing quite the slew of stylish face masks over the last few months. Whether it's her rare, hot pink Evolvetogether KN95 or the affordable Houndsooth disposable mask you can get on Amazon, we've certainly been inspired to upgrade our own face mask stash. It's not surprising that these masks have been in and out of stock, potentially due to her literally making them sell out, but we have good news: One of her winter favorites, the plaid KN95 mask from celeb-loved brand Maskc, is finally available again.

Holmes has worn Maskc's black plaid KN95 quite a few times this winter, with good reason — it's probably one of the most stylish, seasonally-themed face masks out there. Not to mention, the brand's skin-friendly masks have been a favorite of hers throughout the pandemic. The brand is beloved by a ton of other celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde, Hilary Duff, Jennifer Lopez, and more.

While the plaid masks are back for now, we have a feeling they won't be for long — Maskc's KN95 face masks are only restocking in limited quantities due to high demand. So if we were you, we'd snag your 10-pack quickly before they're gone again.

Maskc Face Masks

Shop now: $36; shopmaskc.com

Made with five protective layers, including a soft inner layer, shoppers rave that Maskc KN95s are "breathable" and rate them as "excellent" in terms of comfort, effectiveness, and value. One shopper said they're the "best fitting" masks they've had in the past two years, while another customer said they have no problem wearing them for "extended periods of time" at work.

The restock comes at a good time, too. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently updated its face mask guidelines to reflect that wearing well-fitted masks and respirators such as KN95s and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health-approved N95s offer more protection than loosely-woven cloth face masks.

Snag your stylish, Holmes-approved KN95 face mask from Maskc here.

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