Jennifer Aniston also owns a pair.

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Katie Holmes
Credit: Splash News

You know that amazing feeling when you wear something inexpensive and someone mistakes it for high-end? Personally, it’s a sensation I live for. But that’s the difference between Katie Holmes and someone like myself. I get a rise out of looking expensive but she gets the satisfaction of actually being expensive. y go-to white sneakers are a $110 pair of Nike Air Force 1s, whereas Holmes’s recent go-to white sneakers are $411 and made from Italian leather.

Holmes always looks like a million bucks because the things she wears are practically a million bucks. As the seasons change, Holmes appears to have swapped out her $2,060 cashmere bra and cardigan set for a $3,690 teddy coat by Max Mara, the same brand that makes Meghan Markle’s iconic camel coat. And while some of the bags she’s worn were recently on sale for under $100, she topped off this quintessential winter coat look with an almost sold-out $1,990 Akris Shopper Tote Bag. Her plaid flare trousers also don’t come cheap at $450 from Re/Done.

All of this is to say Katie Holmes’s most recent outfit is definitely not one of her most attainable. But the significantly cheaper price tag of her white sneakers compared to the rest of her look has me wondering if I need to invest in a more luxe take on the timeless footwear staple. Sure, I don’t have any $3,000 coats to pair them with, but I think a pair of upscale sneakers has the power to elevate any of my more affordable winter coats while still keeping any outfit casual.

Holmes’s Common Projects sneakers are a favorite amongst other celebrities as well, like Jennifer Aniston, who has worn the same exact pair more than a couple of times. The shoe’s popularity is no surprise considering the sneakers are just as streamlined as a good ol’ pair of Stan Smiths without being as expected. They also don’t look dirty, like Golden Goose. Instead, each pair has a gold foil-stamped factory ID code and style number. Since the factory itself is in Italy, that detail is also extra chic.

While I contemplate pulling the trigger on a pair of $411 white sneakers, I like to imagine a scenario in which I wear them out and someone asks if they’re the same pair Katie Holmes and Jennifer Aniston both own. This time, instead of just saying they look like those, I can say they are them — which might just be the most satisfying feeling of all.

Shop Katie Holmes’s comfortable white sneakers as well as the rest of her outfit below.

Common Projects Original Achilles Sneaker

Common Projects Original Achilles Sneaker Nordstrom
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Shop now: $411;

Teddy Bear Icon Faux Fur Coat

Max Mara Teddy Bear Icon Faux Fur Coat Nordstrom
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Shop now: $3,690;

'70s Plaid Wool Blend Crop Flare Trousers

Re/Done '70s Plaid Wool Blend Crop Flare Trousers
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Shop now: $450;