It Took One Photo of Katie Holmes to Convince Me to Try Everlane's New Gingham Blazer

It’s already a wardrobe staple.

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It Took 1 Photo of Katie Holmes to Convince Me to Try Everlane’s New Gingham Blazer
Photo: Courtesy of Everlane

If I had to stick to a decade of fashion, it would be the '80s. There is just no aesthetic I love more than the one that gave us sky-high shoulder pads, exaggerated silhouettes, oversized tailoring, and textured fabrics. So, when I saw a photo of Katie Holmes in an '80s-style gingham Everlane suit, my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

Frequently, the celebrity outfits I pine over end up being Versace or Gucci, AKA monetarily in line with my college tuition. So, discovering that a celebrity outfit I like is from an affordable brand feels like finding a golden ticket; such was the case with the Everlane '80s Blazer I saw on Holmes.

Everlane The ’80s Blazer

Shop now: $185;

As I said, I am obsessed with the clothing of the era but as you can imagine, there is a sourcing problem. The decade is now 40 years past and most contemporary clothing inspired by the era is simply too modern for my tastes. There is always Etsy or eBay, but not only are these purchases a gamble, but given that I'm a size 14, the vintage plus-size pickings are slim. Thankfully, Everlane is one of still too few modern brands with extended sizes ranging from 00 to 16 and XXS to XXXL.

The blazer comes in black, beige, and a khaki and black checkered print. I went with a size 14 in the same print worn by Holmes. Since its arrival two weeks ago, it has made more appearances than is appropriate weather-wise. I have worn it plainly over a black slip dress on a cool day, layered it underneath a pink jacket when it was frigid out, and purposefully pattern-clashed it with a green and black checkered skirt.

Julia Roberts in the '80s is an incredible inspiration for me, both because we share similar curls, but also because I love the oversized, menswear style she epitomized during the decade. This blazer is the closest I've ever felt to that mental ideal of Roberts. It's light and slouched but structured and well-tailored. The fit remains oversized on me, even though that is often overlooked with clothing in my size.

Tamimi Selfie

Though $185 is not exactly affordable, for me, it makes sense as a high-quality, long-term investment for my capsule wardrobe. It's also somewhat of an upper mid-range price tag compared to similar spring outerwear items. If you'd like to go full leisure suit, there are corresponding high-waisted pants, but personally, I'll be sticking with just the blazer and wearing it as often as I can.

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